Ferrari, Enzo’s dessert is called Tributo.

True car enthusiasts ferrari it is known that Enzo liked to dine in “little horse“, a restaurant located right in front of the factory in Maranello, where Drake he liked to relax and discuss motorsport and current affairs over a typical Emilian dish. This establishment is now run by Chef Massimo Bottura, which not only updated the place, but also revolutionized the menu. Menu where to check now Sweet very specific: tribute.

Dessert Ferrari: Here are the Ingredients

Yes, the name refers to the F8 Tributo. Precisely because it takes its forms. Really sweet tribute to the Granturismo cars of the House of Maranello, Enzo Ferrari and the city of Modena. It’s about Bavarian eggnog with balsamic vinegar inside Dark Cherry Villa Manodori.
To make it, 6 different silicone molds were created, each of which depicted 5 Ferrari models: Testarossa, F40, F8 Tributo, 812 Superfast and LaFerrari. The dessert, which will remain on the menu until September, is already a huge success. And we are sure that it would also be appreciated. Drake.

Ferrari, here’s the one for the 100th anniversary of the Air Force

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