Ferrari “escape” from F1? Now comes the entry from the upper floors

Ferrari is in a period of black crisis, and now there is a sentence that worries the fans a lot. Here’s what’s happening in Maranello.

in home Ferrari What is starting is a weekend that could be replete with history, given that the 24 Hours of Le Mans is about to be its centenary. At 4 p.m. on Saturday, in fact, a 499P will be in pole position, followed by its sister ship, which has anthony fire who set the fastest qualifying time on #50 ahead of #51 Alessandro Pier Guidi,

farewell ferrari f1
Ferrari with Leclerc in Barcelona (LaPresse) –

It will be very difficult to win, but the premises are absolutely excellent. It is a result that is the exact opposite of what we are seeing in F1, where bad statistics have been accumulating for a very long time. 2023 is also throwing seasonin which the Modenese scuderia plays the role of third force.

in the last hours, There has been much talk about the intervention by Benedetto Vigna., ie the CEO of Ferrari. The CEO spoke about Cavallino’s future in the world of motorsport, with a particular focus on his commitment to the F1 World Championship. Bigg Boss’s words were clear.

Scary announcement by Ferrari, Benedetto Vigna

There Ferrari It is the only team that has always participated in the F1 World Championship since 1950. For this reason, it has some advantages that others do not, such as the possibility to veto rules and very high bonuses from an economic point of view. However, this is not enough to make Cavallino a winning team, given that it is a two-year period since 2007–2008 that they have not brought home world titles for both drivers and constructors.

farewell ferrari f1
Benedetto Vigna CEO of Ferrari (ANSA) –

In the past, when things didn’t go well with Drake, he even threatened to retire, such as when he built an Indycar car to “scare off” the circus’ top management. they did that a few years ago Sergio Marchionne, when we started talking about the budget capWhich according to him was definitely not favorable for Cavallino, which was later confirmed by the events of the recent period.

Had to talk about Cavallino’s current situation in these last few hours Benedict Vignawho however confirmed the Modenese Scuderia’s interest in F1: “Motorsport is in Ferrari’s DNA, one of these days we’ll be back at Le Mans To compete in the reference category after an absence of fifty years, e. We are also proud of our F1 commitment, In addition, from there we can extract many technologies for the car product, which is enriched with elements of Thoroughbred F1.,

So, it seems there is no doubt about the Maranello company’s presence in F1 in the years to come, but it is clear that things have to change. For this weekend, as stated by the CEO and PhD himself, Target is set on the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with the two Prancing Horse cars starting from the front row. A win would mean history being made.

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