Ferrari, is Venice better than Monza?

At Monza, the Ferrari can again lead us to despair.
In Venice, where Michael Mann’s tribute to Drake is having its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, who knows, maybe things will get better.
In Italy, the Ferrari will be released on Christmas Day.
Here is what my dear friend told me about the Hollywood movie, who has already seen it.
Enjoy reading.

“Hopefully it’s an Oscar-winning movie waiting for a world-class redhead in F1…”
Piero Ferrari will be on the (right…) red carpet of the Venetian Lido for the premiere of a Hollywood movie dedicated to his father, Drake of Maranello. A biopic, as the good folks say, directed by the great Michael Mann, director of Heat and Pledge, to name but a few of his masterpieces.
“Mann is a longtime friend of mine,” explains Piero, 78, vice president of the world’s most famous Italian brand. “He had been chasing the dream of a film dedicated to my father for a long time, he almost showed me the draft of the script. a quarter of a century ago, it’s good that he finally crossed the finish line!”
What is this movie?
“I saw it exclusively in Los Angeles, at a private show. In Italy, it will hit theaters around Christmas.”
Well, I’m not a film critic. And I am also a participant in this case, because on the set I am presented as a child. Given the above…”
In light of the above?
“I really liked the film. He does not claim to have written the whole story of my father in two hours, that would be an exaggeration. Mann, on the other hand, made a different choice.”
Which choice?
“I focused on a specific moment, a special year. 1957 Dad just lost Dino, his eldest son, a brother that, unfortunately, I never knew. And the tragedy of racing, the massacre at the Mille Miglia, the anxiety for the future of the plant, which at that time still belonged to him, were grafted into this terrible spasm of personal pain, the agreement with Gianni Agnelli’s Fiat was far away. ..”
How does Adam Driver, the last Star Wars Jedi, handle his role as a father?
“Well, Driver is Italian for pilot, even better! And that the cinematic son of Layla Skywalker and Han Solo personifies my father, I find it promising. Jokes aside, Adam is great. The wonders of makeup make him physically very much like my father. And Penelope Cruz is great as Laura, my brother Dino’s mother. But can I add something?”
“The whole film was shot on our lands, in Modena, in the kingdom of my father Ferrari. It was a production choice that filled me with pride. You see, besides the publicity effect the film will have on tourism, I am glad when the roots of the Myth are remembered. The legend of my father is a story first from Modena, then from Emilia, then from Italy, and finally global.”
Is it true that for cinematographic work all extras were selected on the spot?
“Yes. Do you think that Massimo Bottura, the chef who is the envy of the whole world, also has a cameo role? He plays the role of a doorman in a hotel right in the center of Modena.”
Piero, is it easier for a Michael Mann film to win an Oscar or a Ferrari to win the F1 World Championship?…
“The question is biased. The next “Oscar” will be awarded in the spring of 2024, the championship in single skating will end in the fall. Who knows, maybe we will score a double in the name of the pope … “

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