Ferrari: Michael Mann, the legend of Enzo and Adam Drivers

ROME. We are in Modena, 1957. Enzo Ferrari (Adam Driver), a former racing driver and maker of the most famous cars in the world, is in a personal and professional crisis at the age of nearly sixty. The company he built from scratch ten years earlier is in trouble, and his marriage to wife Laura (Penelope Cruz) is also getting harder after the death of their only son Dino at age 24 a year earlier. the discovery of the existence of Pierrot, the son he fathered from an extramarital affair with Lina Lardy (Shailene Woodley). In search of redemption, Drake decides to put everything on the line in high-speed racing: the legendary Mille Miglia. Start here ferrariMichael Mann’s new film in competition at the Venice Film Festival, a film that comes out eight years after its sensational flop Black hat with Chris Hemsworth, well received by critics but rejected by the public (only $20 million worldwide).

Michael Mann's Ferrari will be presented in competition at the 80th Venice International Film Festival.
Adam Driver at another Ferrari moment.

Eight years, the same amount of time as pre-production ferrari among other things, given that since August 2015 there have been rumors of his return with Christian Bale as the main character first (who left the project because he was worried about not being able to reach his ideal weight in time) and Hugh Jackman, then the day after Logan – Wolverine. Finally, here is Adam Driver, who between this film and the expected metropolis Francis Ford Coppola is gearing up for a fiery two-year period. Until then, there are high hopes ferrari inspired by biography Enzo Ferrari: Man and Machine Brock Yeats (volume still unpublished in Italy) and for an experience that promises to be epic and exciting. A story of legend and myth set in the exciting and risky world of motorsport in the 1950s. In addition to Driver, as well as Cruz and Woodley, there is also Sarah Gadon, as well as Jack O’Connell and Patrick Dempsey as two drivers: Piero Taruffi and Peter Collins.

In pre-production since 2015, Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman were cast before Adam Driver in the lead role.
Before Adam Driver, Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman were named for the role of Ferrari.

But be careful to talk about it as a biopic in classic form, or at least that’s what the film’s editor Pietro Scalia suggests, two Oscars with Oliver Stone and here at the premiere with Michael Mann:A project that Michael wanted to do for many years, I’ve wanted to work with him for a long time. I have read several drafts of the script and the last one was actually very good. However, this is not a biopic about Ferrari, but a specific story about one period of his life. Let’s just say it’s almost like a Shakespearean drama…“. Curiosity is also heightened because if it is true that work on the film began in 2015, then it will forever remain in Mann’s heart, since in the early nineties he wanted to make it as a producer immediately after Last of the Mohicans, with Sydney Pollack as director and starring Robert De Niro. It would be a different movie…

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Below you can see a short film on the theme of Ferrari and Mann:

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