FIAT’s approach with the Topolino and the 600

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the evening of great occasions that happened lingotto roofWhere did it all start, and where were we involved in the official presentation of the new Fiat Topolino and of Fiat 600e, July 4th will always be the 500’s birthday, which is why it is an occasion not only to present these two new and important models, but also to give a vision of the future for a brand historically linked to Turin and the Italian social fabric Was attractive.

Olivier FrancoisThe CEO of FIAT and the CMO of Stellantis summarized their vision and the brand they are guiding: “FIAT’s future is “on track!” In two years we have made FIAT more profitable and more global than ever. FIAT has become the number 1 Stellantis brand by volume and is the leader in 3 different segments in 3 main markets: Italy, Brazil and Turkey. FIAT has a clear stand: simplicity, lateral thinking, a strong focus on fun and social relevance. All of this makes us more attractive to Stellantis, so it’s a brand worth investing in. Thanks to Stellantis, we have access to more resources, more investment and more synergy. Fiat is back. Over the next 3 years, our product plan will return FIAT to its rightful place: as leader, reference point and loved brand. Today we present the first fruits of the new “powered by Stellantis” era: in fact, the 500e family is expanding with a little sister, the Topolino, and an older sister, the new 600e. And I’m also proud to announce that FIAT has renewed its partnership with (RED), because we believe that being socially relevant means caring for the planet and its people.,

FIAT Topolino in a nutshell

Photo Fabio Ferrari/Lapresse 4

Specially designed for city driving, baby rat Takes its name from the famous FIAT of the first post-war period, sustainability in an electric quadricycle capable of being easily parked, traveling up to 75 kilometers on a single charge, and comfortably recharged from a household socket in a few hours develops the concept of The maximum speed (by law) is 45 km/h, which seems to have been made ad-hoc for the new regulations, which want the urban limit to now be 30 km/h. Two versions: the “closed” Topolino and the “open” Topolino Dolcevita, with the same colors, the same wheel design, the same interior, plus interesting customization options. For its presentation, FIAT collaborated with five emblematic companies of Made in Italy: Armani, Damiani, Maserati, San Lorenzo Yachts and San Pellegrino. Here is the link of the campaign.

FIAT 600e: Electric B-SUV to bend the road

Photo Marco Alpozzi/LaPresse 3

There New FIAT 600e The B&B-SUV takes the best of the worlds by once again offering a vehicle suitable for families, with its 4.17 meters this zero emission innovation fits 5 people comfortably. A 360-litre boot, 15-litre internal storage compartment and a 156 HP electric motor that propels the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 9 seconds. Lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 54 kWh guarantee the new 600e a range of over 400 km (WLTP combined cycle) and over 600 km in the urban cycle. At launch, the new FIAT 600e is available in two different full-electric versions: 600e La Prima, FIAT (600e)RED, which is a more affordable version of this new model. (RED), the organization founded in 2006 to fight AIDS and ensure that preventable and treatable diseases are preventable and treatable for all.

The ad is already online, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio in the new FIAT 600e we offer below. with the slogan “italian upgrade“, the video is a creative sequel to the successful New 500 spot “The Driver”, and shows off everything the New Fiat 600e has to offer. Previewed today at Lingotto The spot takes place entirely in Italy, The new Fiat 600e is as refined, eclectic as the new 500, but “upgraded” in style, livability and autonomy. It’s bold, eye-catching and totally embodies la dolce vita. The music is presented in collaboration with Alfredo Rodríguez, one of the prodigious talents of the international music scene.

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