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Godzina rosepocencia
7:00 pm

Warshtaty Culture in Lublin, st. Grodzka 5a, widower’s hall – 2nd floor

Warstats of Culture in Lublin



“Students”, dir. John Singleton, hour 127′, born 1995;

“Students” is the character of John Singleton, who is part of the student body at Columbia University, which is located in the heart of New York. Właśnie startuje kolejny rok academicki, universytecki kampus zapełnia się ludźmi or różnych kolorach skóry, różnym pochodzeniu i motywacjach, odmiennym statusie społecznym i poglądach. If you are interested in music, you will be able to learn more about music and the students who will have the opportunity to learn more. mature living. If you want to remove dust, remove the dust from the imprezi before removing the dust. W obsadzie plejada młodych aktorów stojących wtedy u progu swych karier, w tym Jennifer Connelly, Omar Epps, Regina King or cool hip-hop – Ice Cube and Busta Rhymes.

Cycle 36. Local education.

A movie from this love and four research papers related to education, then cikavics, warto products with your care and no brakes. If you want to know more about the legendary film, the first will be a list of preview videos or students, the next will be the first time, the first will be the first time zkolaków. Gatunkovo ​​and stylistic dominance in drama, special films or comedies, as well as in tzw. cinematic films are interesting for future films, horror films and gangster films. First of all, the organizer’s post will be filled with information so that you can read more about it.

Program for 2023

  • 4 months of 2023. 19.00 – “Stowarzyszenie umarłych poets”, dir. Peter Weir, hour 128′, 1989;
  • October 11, 2023. 19.00 – “Students”, dir. John Singleton, hour 127′, born 1995;
  • May 18, 2023. 19.00 – “Our Class”, dir. Ilmar Raag, hour 99′, 2007;
  • May 25, 2023. 19.00 – “Suspiria”, dir. Luca Guadagnino, hour 152 min., 2018

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