Filter the mysterious video of Gerard Pique asking for forgiveness from Shakira

Scene Gerard Pique apologized to Shakira for telling her the Clara Chia story, he gives much of what he says in social circles. If this videos created using artificial intelligence (AI)which quickly went viral.

In the clip, Gerard Pique assures that “you can’t think too much.” I told myself what the mistake was. I don’t have to have what happened, I don’t have to have a bad relationship with Shakira and my friends.“, and until the player talks about his mental situation: “My relationship with Clara Chia is over.”.

The message from the former Barcelona footballer also contains a declaration of love for his mother and an unexpected sentence: “I say this, Shaq, forgive me. I love you Shakira. Here is the love of my life, and I want to ask you to be with me.. Please forgive my name Shakira,” Pique says in the video.

A filtered AI-generated video of Gerard Pique asking him to forgive Shakira for her engagement to Clara Chia.

“Ni con Inteligencia Artificial will create her,” “God will free Shakira from evil. Fate will give her a better man than Shakira. Nothing happens by chance,” “Hey! That’s why I couldn’t create it. Thank God our Shakira is free from this man and his family.“, “The truth is that you are with the wrinkles of the trees, yes”, “I don’t think so. How long will they keep an eye on this?”, yes “How bad is this IA video?”there have been some comments from Internet users.

Why are Gerard Pique and Shakira not at home?

Gerard Pique always wants to formalize his family with Shakirabut the Colombian was the one I always wanted I’m trying to compromise and more than once he made sure that he would not be able to join the altar with the Spanish deportist.

Even though Shakira had two sons together, Shakira always talked about that marriage, she talked about how it felt between them, the reasons why she would never let them go, and how she would prefer it if they had a new experience, a situation that was heavily criticized.

Gerard Pique worries about his sons

In the next few days, Gerard Pique will travel to Miami to spend 10 days with his two stipulated in the agreement he and Shakira signed in November 2022.

According to the Mamarazzi podcast, the former Spanish footballer was worried and questioned whether he had taken it correctly. Trato over custody of your childrenyou may find it difficult to travel to the United States.

“If you say it’s a convenience of 10 and 20 (days), then at some point you thought it should be easy because it has an economic opportunity, but it becomes very difficult and you don’t know if you’re ready you take him… take him into custody with Shakira,” journalist Laura Fa said in the Jan. 27 episode of “I’m Worried Again.”

Gerard Pique plans to spend the next holidays with his children.

Lorena Vazquez, Laura Fa’s partner, said that sources connected to the Colombian girl shared this information. This Shakira “would never be satisfied with such convenience” and I said that I might have new conditions, since the document had not yet been ratified in Miami.

“We’ll see when this agreement will be ratified, because it hasn’t been ratified today,” Lorena Vázquez said on the podcast.

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