FIMI, today’s certifications and updated rankings

Also today, FIMI released its weekly rankings and certifications. Platinum rain this Monday too: The courage of children by Geolier, released in January, achieves its fourth platinum record and also Bye bye de Liszt representative followed by three platins We have no age BeamFrom Levitation Dua Lipa and Right direction Tasup and Neffa. FIMI certifications are also inevitable for Lazza, who achieves a fifth platinum record in Panicproduced by Takagi and Ketra and featured in his award-winning Sirius. Platinum certifications too Badly Tedua, My name hernia and lightning rodsand also the latter along with Bresh and Fabri Fibra.

Gold for Still rove, Hands up from Elektra Lamborghini, Orange juice madam, Flood in July from Tedua and Marracash (who also won the gold record with daytonacontained in GWEUSGue penultimate album) e Will live Angelina Mango.

In terms of rankings, Tedua regains the top spot with his The Divine Comedy ascent Utopia Travis Scott on the second step of the podium, followed by 10 from Drillioner. At the top of the singles chart we find The Kolors with their very popular song. Italodiscofollowed by AVA, Anna and Capo Plaza with Black glasses and from Drillionaire, Lazza, Blanco and Sfera Ebbasta with Bon Ton. Below are the top ten albums and singles.

FIMI Top Ten

Album Rating

  1. Divine Comedy, Tedua
  2. Utopia, Travis Scott
  3. 10, driller
  4. The Courage of Children – Act II, Jollier
  5. Fake news, nuclear tactical penguins
  6. Sirius, Lazza
  7. Matter (Prism), Marco Mengoni
  8. In love, Blanco
  9. Sold, Bumdabash
  10. Waiting for the good life, Artie 5ive

Singles Ranking

  1. Italodisco, The Colors
  2. Black glasses, AVA, Anna, Capo Plaza
  3. Bon Ton, Drillionaire, Lazza, Blanco, Ebbast Sphere
  4. Disco Paradise, Fedez, Annalisa, Article 31
  5. Awesome, Alpha
  6. Steal my night nuclear tactical penguins
  7. Mon Amour, Annalise
  8. We’ll think about it tomorrow, Angelina Mango.
  9. Strawberry, Achille Lauro, Rose Villain
  10. Taxi on the Moon, Tony Effe, Emma Marrone
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