Finally, finally, and that’s it?Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo to go through serious marital crisis

Argentinian star Lionel Messi and his partner Antonela Roccuzzo are going through a serious marital crisisSpanish media reported that they found behavior between the two that revealed the alleged differences.

The couple are admired around the world for being one of the most stable couples aroundSince they have been together since 2009 and married since 2017, these rumors have caused consternation as they have even mentioned the possibility of divorce.

According to a report from the portal 20 Minutes, The crisis began to gain traction when Messi told his wife at the Ballon d’Or Awards on October 30. In addition, the media added, “She indulged him by not getting up and accompanying him on stage.”

Another medium using this version is Telecinco, which even adds “Argentinian journalist Gonzalo Vázquez is one of those who dropped the bombshell: they revealed that Messi and Antonella will go through a serious crisis”.

These rumors are gaining momentum on social networks, sparking debate about this information: “I don’t think Messi will let his relationship end like this”“Oops, oops, there was infidelity”, “They are the hope of eternal love”“This kind of thing can’t happen”, “Messi is excellent on and off the field, he will avoid this situation”, etc.

So far, neither “Lio” Messi nor Antonella Roccuzzo has mentioned this issue. The Argentine star has just participated in the qualifiers against Uruguay and Brazil with the team. With a record of one loss and one win, he continues to remain at the top of the standings in the North American World Cup.

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