First patient with chronic hepatitis B treated with ISA104 in first-in-human Phase 1 study

Erasmus MC study marks first clinical development milestone for ISA104 immunotherapy to treat chronic hepatitis B infection

Ugstergeist, Netherlands, August 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ISA Pharmaceuticals BV, a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing immunotherapies to treat cancer and serious infectious diseases, is pleased to announce that the first patient has been treated at HEB- were administered in the PEP study. This first-in-human (FIH) Phase 1 study investigated the use of ISA104, a novel treatment designed to achieve functional cure in patients with chronic hepatitis B.Administration was performed at the Hepatology Department of the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdamthe sponsor of this dose escalation study.

The HEB-PEP study will compare the safety, tolerability and efficacy of different doses of ISA104 compared with placebo in patients with chronic HBV. Details of the study can be found at with identifier NCT05841095.The study was conducted in collaboration with researchers from the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, Netherlands and is co-funded by a PPP grant from Health~Holland, the premier life sciences and health sector, to stimulate public-private partnerships.

Hepatitis B is a severe liver infection that is a global health threat caused by the development of chronic infection in some patients who are unable to clear the virus and become carriers. It increases a person’s risk of liver cancer, liver failure, and/or cirrhosis, for which there are currently no effective treatments. Two billion people worldwide are infected with hepatitis B virus, and approximately 1.5 million people are newly infected every year. Approximately 300 million people suffer from chronic sequelae of this disease.

ISA collaborated with Erasmus MC to develop ISA104 immunotherapy using ISA’s Synthetic Long Peptide (SLPĀ®) technology. ISA104 is designed to generate a robust and specific immune response against hepatitis B virus, with the goal of functionally curing patients with chronic infection. ISA has previously shown that SLP immunotherapy is effective in patients chronically infected with human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV16).

Leon HoftmanChief Medical Officer of ISA Pharmaceuticals stated: “We are pleased to announce that the first patient has been enrolled in the HEB-PEP clinical study with ISA104, This is an important milestone in our mission to develop effective treatments for patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection, a huge global health burden and a well-established cause of liver cancer. This study will provide important information about the safety and potential efficacy of ISA104 as we continue to advance our clinical programs focused on improving patient outcomes. “

PhD. Sonia Bushaw and Ph.D. Dave SpringersThe study’s principal investigator from the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Erasmus MC commented: “We are excited about the progress made in this first-in-human trial and are eager to understand the potential impact that ISA104-based therapies may have in patients with chronic HBV infection. This study will allow us to identify safety issues and how to address this “Immune responses in patients receiving ISA104 are associated with incidental immune responses and deepen our understanding of this promising new therapy, HBV-directed immune responses and novel HBV biomarkers”

ISA104 is the latest pipeline project of ISA to enter clinical development. Its previous leading project ISA101b is in the late clinical development stage for the treatment of cancers induced by HPV16.

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