first Publifono, then a plane with a banner

Rimini, 24 August 2023 – “Moment attention please. I have a very important announcement and it is directed to Alessia Trentini from bathroom 66 Vincenzo and Nives. Yes, you read that right, my love, it really is you. I wanted to tell you and make it clear to everyone who listens to me that you are the woman of my life.

While the loudspeakers of Publifono broadcast his sound yesterday morning on the 15 km beach in Rimini. love message (All I am from John Legend, background) Riccardo Viaggi, 26 years old from Bologna, he knelt on the beach in front of his girlfriend Alessia Trentini, handing her an engagement ring among the astonished and moved bathers. At the same time, with perfect military calculation from the concentric attack, the plane flew over the beach, carrying the maxi-word: “Alessia, I love you, will you marry me?” And a painted heart.

“If you wanted Surprise me, I have to say that he did a great job” smiles Alessia, she is also 26 years old, a resident of Cento di Ferrara, where she lives with Riccardo, works just like him (the couple already has a daughter, Camilla). “Between the plane, where it was written,” she continues, “the message from the loudspeakers, he was kneeling with a ring in his hand, I cried. And she answered yes. There was a crowd of tourists around. infected with the tears of the future bride, who wished the newlyweds well and asked her to admire the ring.

“I come on holiday in Rimini,” says Alessia, “since birth.” “It’s been almost eight years since I was with her,” Riccardo adds, “it’s been almost eight years since December 2015.” How did you come up with this idea? “I wanted to do something original,” says the betrothed, “I thought it would be nice to have a banner with an airplane fly by while we sunbathed on the beach, and I organized everything, obviously, starting with the timing, so that the message would spread earlier, it has been sent. at 11.08, and the plane flew over at 11.15. And until this hour you pretended to be stupid? “I felt bad, I was very excited,” says Riccardo, “but the time has not come. Torture”.

For Regarding the “flying” part of the declaration, the guy turned to the specialized company Volitalia (the cost is about 2500 euros): “I found this while searching the web”. For the announcement, the choice was mandatory: Publifono is the “voice of the beach” of Rimini from the first post-war period, created by Renato De Donato and developed in the 1970s by his son Ugo. By the way, this “rest of” Riccardo’s message from the loudspeakers: “It’s been almost 8 years since your last year in high school. You weren’t in my class, but when I saw you come into the classroom during recess to say hello to your friends, a spark immediately clicked in me. I couldn’t.” “I couldn’t take my eyes off you and my heart was pounding very fast. You enchanted me with your beauty, your tenderness and your smile. Now, after all these years, I’m here in front of you to tell you that I am ” I am crazy in love with you. That’s why I decided to go ahead and show you how special you are to me. Forever yours, Riccardo.”

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