first tears for De Martino, then vacation with Elio?

Belen Rodriguez still the queen of Italian gossip. For several months we have been talking about another break with Stephen DeMartino and new potential love, entrepreneur Elio Lorenzoni. To date, those directly concerned have neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, but the Argentinian soubrette continues to share photos and videos on Instagram that seem to relate to her troubled soap opera-worthy love life.

Belen in tears on Instagram for Stefano De Martino

In the latest video posted to stories, Belen Rodriguez appeared along with bright eyes. Tears that were not accompanied by any caption, and which many believe would refer to Stefano De Martino, with whom the 38-year-old has continued to have an on-and-off relationship since 2012. It looks like a new alienation has begun. because of betrayal former dancer Amici. Belen recently shared longhorn deer videobut did not provide further details.

Belen on holiday with Elio Lorenzoni and his family

If Belen showed herself in tears, the woman’s choice was different. mother Veronica Cozzani, she is also very active on social media. The woman, a retired teacher, posted a photo of her daughter Ed in the pool. Elio Lorenzoni playing along with Luna Marie, a little girl who was born to Rodriguez in 2021 from a former partner Antonino Spinalbese. So Elio spends his holidays with Belen and his family in Albarella: just a friend or something more? We will only know by living…

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