Five deadly diseases with no cure

Although sometimes we prefer to forget, there are still a range of diseases associated with the majority of deaths that occur globally. There is no cure for any of them today. Only healthy living, exercising, not smoking and eating right can keep us from these problems.

heart attack

So-called ischemic heart disease is the in front Nine million people a year. Stress, unhealthy habits, tobacco use, and general susceptibility often play a role in the disease.


medically known as tonicIt is the second most common cause of death. It occurs when a brain artery becomes blocked or a blood vessel ruptures. Such cerebrovascular events require immediate intervention and thus have a high mortality rate.

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

There are different conditions under this heading, all of which are related to the consumption of tobacco and exposure to air pollutants at home and at work. It is itself a form of chronic airflow limitation that is irreversible, underdiagnosed, with high morbidity and mortality, and a major public health problem. COPD is a complex disease with a very heterogeneous clinical presentation, where different phenotypes can be defined with different clinical, prognostic and therapeutic implications.

lower respiratory infection

Such illnesses include acute bronchitis and pneumonia, which are often associated with other illnesses and can be fatal in debilitated individuals.

lung cancer

It is the second most common cancer in the world after breast cancer, but it is very aggressive and difficult to treat. It is associated with smoking and can only be treated in a very early stage. It is often difficult to heal if lymph nodes or other parts of the body are involved.

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