Five Foods That Can Cause Stomach Inflammation, According to Harvard Research

More and more people go to the hospital for stomach problems.Some of the most commonly reported symptoms include inflammationthis gasthis acute gastroenteritiswait. First, it happens when a harmful virus infiltrates our body, which is why our immune system employs various strategies to fight it.this Harvard UniversityIt is in this sense that it is addressed to this aspect.

Because this is becoming an issue affecting more and more people around the world, University Harvard University Generated a food list may cause inflammation in human tissue.nutritionist Harvard University recommend avoiding consumption of these foods. « it’s critical lead a prosperous and healthy life,” said the expert who led the study.

Which Foods Affect the Body, According to Harvard University Research?

  • Regular French Fries and Fried Food. Deep frying in any form is arguably not very healthy.That’s why Harvard remembers choice of ingredients Very important for cooking food, other healthier products are recommended like olive oil.
  • Butter and Trans Fats. Experts from Harvard University highlight the negative effects of these non-vegetable or artificial fats on our bodies.
  • white bread and refined flour. Refined carbohydrates.The process these products go through removes ingredients like bran and germ, leaving starch And eliminate the fiber, minerals and protein that the body needs to grow.
  • red or processed meat.The World Health Organization (WHO) has criticized such meat more than once, pointing out that they are not healthy.
  • Sugary Drinks and Sweeteners Artificial.this soft drink and sugared are marked as their high sugar.Conversely, several studies have shown potential damage Caused by overdose of sweeteners.

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