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There brotherhood: a vast, fickle concept, variable according to the historical, social or cultural context in which it is placed. It is no coincidence that literature has shed rivers of ink on stories of love and rivalry between brothers. Fashion itself is no stranger to same-sex couples, who have made their rapport the strong point of their brands and sibling rivalry rarely shines in the sunlight or is declared openly during official interviews. She goes. But Guram Gwasalia, Announcing her new assignment as designer for Madonna’s upcoming tour in The New York Times, she overturned all of our assumptions about the sibling story in the fashion system by making some fiery statements about Demna.

,My brother is six years older. When I was in second grade, he was in eighth grade. He has got few opportunities in life before also. But when you consider where I am today and where my brother was when he was my age, I think I’ve come a long way, He disclosed this to Vanessa Friedman on July 5., ,I think my brother is very talented but I have a completely different approach towards things. He has had a good 10 years of career and I think his era is slowly coming to an end. my time is now,, A declaration of intent that pales in comparison to the latest Vetements collection, a large-edition carbon copy of Demna’s most famous designs, is even more bitter if you think of the difficult moment that followed when Balenciaga’s artistic director Had to bear gift campaign scam last December. But not everyone is like Guram, there are people who have built successful empires with their relatives and are still reaping the rewards. Here are three stories of the brothers-designers who are still inseparable to overcome the bitterness left by the complicated Gvasalia case:

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen – The Row

Although Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are known for their off-the-radar lives, sisters Elizabeth Olsentold the press a little more about their relationship, outlining how the famous twins have supported her every moment, from her first steps in the star system to her success. “It’s an amazing feeling to be the younger sister of twin girls”, explained the protagonist of Wanda Vision during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. he also admitted to feeling “very safe” She had two famous sisters who started their careers in Hollywood at a young age entire house And they know how to handle their life in the limelight. From the age of six, Mary-Kate and Ashley began appearing together in television and film, with productions funded by their company. double star, The excessive media exposure ceased in adulthood, when the twins gave up their acting careers and dedicated themselves to the fashion world with the brand. Quarrel, today the quintessence of quiet luxury and a brand loved by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence. ,Even today, as an adult, I want his coat, I want his shoes, I want his clothes. It’s a wish I’ve never given up, – Elizabeth Olsen confesses and how to blame her in this case.

Dan and Dean Caten – DSQUARED2

The DSQUARED2 creative director brothers shocked the fashion system when they revealed still sleep together At the ripe old age of 65, but a habit that may seem morbid hides a background of a difficult childhood. In an interview with British Vogue, he spoke candidly about his difficult youth as the child of Italian immigrants in 1970s Canada. ,we were nine brothers and sisters in a two bedroom house, Dan said. ,We wore bad clothes. We were feminine. All of us could have been targeted. They beat us together, we cry together, we hide together,Dean continued. ,If we are scared in the dark now, it is because of that filth. We have to sleep together so that I don’t have to scream if something bad were to happen. he will be there, The Catton brothers moved to New York in 1983 to attend the Parsons School of Design, where they stayed for only one term. Thanks to a backer, she launched her first DeanDan womenswear collection in Toronto, before moving to Milan and first working as a designer. Versace and again Diesel, Since the disruptive and sensual world of DSQUARED was born in 1995, the Catan twins have been at the creative direction of the brand, inseparable both in private and at work.

Kate and Laura Mulvey – Rodarte

Even Rodarte, a brand born in 2001 and established over the years as a symbol of feminine and romantic clothing contaminated with gothic elements, is also the result of a sisterly relationship. Katherine Marie Mulvey was born in 1979 in Oakland, California, while Laura Mulvey was born the following year in Pasadena. They grew up near Santa Cruz and both attended the University of Berkeley: Laura studied modern literature while Kate studied art history. Returning home in 2001, the two sisters initially devoted themselves to odd jobs. Kate sells her vintage vinyl collection online while her sister waitresses, and the money raised from these first jobs ($16,500) becomes the startup capital for her clothing line. The Mulleavy girls sketch at the kitchen table and learn to sew with their mother’s help, the brand name actually being the mother’s maiden name, while the inspiration behind the recurring floral elements is a tribute to their botanist father. sisters in paralleleven in the cinemaWriting and directing his feature film debut, Woodshock (2017), as well as co-designing the costumes for Darren Aronofsky’s acclaimed hit black Swan in 2010. From fashion to cinema, the keyword remains collaboration: « We often have different ideas and challenge each other, but in the end we always arrive at a focused and unified point of view. It is an organic and interconnected process. Indeed, it is often difficult to know who thought what or who made a certain decision!,

Julius and Victor Joule – Heliot Emile

Another pair of brothers that have made a name for themselves in recent seasons is Victor and Julius Juul, the founders. heliot emily, Julius is the creative mind, Victor is the entrepreneur — a dynamic duo, starting from practically zero thanks to products that have gone viral on social media like the Liquid Metal Pants and, with surgical precision, they’ve become one One of the most talked about addresses at Paris Fashion Week. ,Every time we set out to work on a collection, the thought comes to our mind to explore the idea of ​​innovation.», Julius told us when we interviewed him about New collection by Heliot Emile Last year – always speaking in the plural, because even though the two brothers share the work, they always work together and at the end of the show, they walk the catwalk together.

Camilla and Giulia Venturini – Medea

The Brescian twins, now well-known faces in the most fashionable Milan circles, but above all the founders of one of the most prestigious brands of recent years, Madea, who bring their bags together in a geometrically minimal form, but at the same time, so alive in the wardrobes of half of the fashion bubble. Sisterhood is the bedrock of a brand that, in addition to actual bags, has expanded into shoes, eyewear, leather goods, and promises to expand even further. Throughout his career with Madea, the two worked with Maurizio Cattelan on a program called Fanzine medialand Together with ToiletPaper, he has collaborated with two of the main cult designers of his generation, Peter Doo and Craig GreenAnd, in short, they have become a powerhouse in no time.

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