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The new school year has just begun and, after the holidays, returning to normal life can be a challenge for parents who want their sons and daughters to start school with full energy and good health.

Colds are one of the most common illnesses in children and can be caused by more than 200 different viruses, with rhinovirus being the most common. Some tips for taking care of your immune system and ensuring a disease-free recovery are:

follow a balanced diet. A healthy and varied diet is essential for strengthening the immune systems of children and adolescents. Depending on their age and growth process, they must be provided with all the necessary nutrients to ensure their internal balance. For example, foods containing vitamin A can reduce the impact of infection; vitamin C regulates immune response; and vitamin D promotes bone health.

Add probiotics to your diet. Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when consumed in moderation, provide health benefits by balancing intestinal flora. For breakfast, you can add natural yogurt or raw cheese, which improves intestinal function and provides valuable nutrients to the immune system of the little ones at home.

Ensure adequate sleep habits. Getting enough sleep is crucial to maintaining good physical and mental health, especially for young children, as a lack of sleep can lead to irritability, weakness, or difficulty concentrating. They need 10 to 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep every day. Additionally, we must protect them from stress, as this condition also weakens their body’s defenses.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature. At school, they are susceptible to colds, and although they cannot be avoided, the chance can be minimized. You should try to dress them in light cotton clothing and gradually keep them warm as the weather changes. It also ensures adequate ventilation of the house, as the renewed air prevents the concentration of viruses in the environment.

Use immune system-boosting supplements. Another way to help the immune system is to use food supplements containing vitamins, which can help protect our immune system.

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