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Flavio Briatore, photo with son Nathan Falco

“Walking with Nathan Falco in Forte dei Marmi,” the entrepreneur wrote on social media, accompanied by a sweet picture with his son.

Instagram @briatoreflavio

Flavio Briatore shared a cute picture with his son on Instagram Nathan Falco13 years: “Walking with Nathan Falco in Forte dei Marmi,” the entrepreneur wrote, accompanying a photo of his son in 2010 with ex-wife Elisabetta Gregoracci.

Briatore, who is also a father Leni Klumthe eldest daughter in 2004 with her former partner Heidi Klum, shared a photo with her children and Elisabetta Gregoracci on social media last August.

Instagram @briatoreflavio

Flavio Briatore talks about his son Nathan Falco and his extended family
Flavio Briatore he recently said in an interview the future of his son Nathan Falco: “Regardless of his social status, if my son Nathan Falco comes to work for me after school, he will start as a waiter. In six or seven years, if everything goes well, he could also be the boss. If the family business is running, the kids can think about continuing to do their father’s business,” he said. Corriere della Sera.

Entrepreneur in an interview Republichowever, he talked about his big family: “I met my daughter Leni last summer in Capri; there were Elisabetta, Nathan Falco, Leni’s mother, Heidi Klum, her husband and their children. Nathan Falco is happy that he has a sister. a couple of years ago and he said to me: Dad I already knew“.

“And also because now children go to Google and find out everything. But he never told me about it, probably out of shame. He was waiting for me to do it, but they followed each other on Instagram. and better than us adults,” he added to Briatore, who celebrated his 73rd birthday in April with Nathan Falco and Elisabetta Gregoracci.

Elisabetta Gregoracci – Verissimo: “Flavio Briatore and I wanted to remain a family”
Elisabetta Gregorachinevertheless post very truehe talked about his relationship with Flavio Briatore and their big family.

“When we parted six years ago, Flavio and I we wanted to continue being a family for our son. We love each other very much and respect each other very much. We spend a lot of time together, live close to each other and organize ourselves when we travel. Everything inevitably changes, but we tried to keep this family together, ”explained the dancer, who is now in a relationship with Giulio Fratini.

Leading Beats live Some time ago, he also arranged a meeting in New York between Nathan Falko and Leni Klum: “Later, Nathan found out that he had a sister. I arranged their first meeting in Sardinia, it was very nice,” said Elisabetta.

“When you give birth to a child, it is a big responsibility, and today Nathan Falko is our priority. Flavio and I found a balance, although it was not easy to achieve it, we worked on it,” Elisabetta Gregoracci said to Silvia Toffanin.

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