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son of Flavio Briatore
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Entrepreneur Flavio Briatore told what his son will be doing in a few years: his answer left everyone speechless.

Flavio Briatore he is known not only for the gossip that has always accompanied his personal life, which has undergone many twists and turns over the years. In fact, his name is also known in the business world, making him a representative of the luxury world.

A position he earned through years and work. This was confirmed by a stakeholder who, in some of the interviews, spoke about not be born into a rich family.

Because of this he always had to roll up his sleeves and it was fundamental to his growth. It is no coincidence that in this sense he made one amazing confession on the son Nathan Falco.

Flavio Briatore, the future of Nathan’s son: everything is decided

The famous Italian entrepreneur has a very rich personal life, and it has not always been easy for him. Briatore however, there are two great joys in his life: his two children. With my eldest daughter Leni it was not always easy, because the girl was born after the end of the story between Briatore and the model Heidi Klum. The entrepreneur never recognized his daughter before the law, but they meet, and Flavio repeatedly said that he was proud of her.

In 2010, he became a father for the second time. Nathan Falcoborn from his union with Elisabetta Gregorachi. The child lives with his mother and is currently studying at the best schools in Monte Carlo, but his father has already made an important decision for him regarding his future career.

son of Flavio Briatore
Flavio Briatore-LineaDiretta24

Briatore, what Nathan will do: no one could imagine

Instagram profile Superguide TV reported on some of Briatore’s recent statements regarding his second son, Nathan. In this regard, he showed: My son Nathan Falco will be a waiter after school for 6-7 years, just like I was when I was little. Let’s see. I wasn’t born rich, I was hungry for work“. Words that inevitably unleashed public opinion.

Some social media users stressed that they did not see anything true in these statements and that Nathan he will no doubt be employed in some family business. However, most of the population seems to believe in Briatore and also seems to support this solution. But who knows what Nathan will think of this turning point, especially if his mother Elizabeth thinks the same.

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