Flavio Mendoza’s worrying plea after surgery sets off alarm: ‘Please, I have a baby’

Artist Flavio Mendoza says he had to undergo surgery in the last few hours and expressed his fear of death Mariano Caprarola and Silvina Luna.It’s worth remembering They underwent plastic surgery with Aníbal Lotocki and died from health complications.

Carmen Barbieri tells of her dramatic experience with Aníbal Lotocki: ‘What he did was the beginning of the end’

Carmen Barbieri said she went through the brutal ordeal while accompanying a friend to meet Aníbal Lotocki.

In this way, in the conversation intrudera show hosted by Flor de la V, Flavio Mendoza said: “Very scared, after all this happened. Because I’m going to do something, sinusitis, that I can’t get rid of, and it scares me. This has never happened to me. My recovery was rather slow. “.

“It’s very ugly to go into the operating room and have them put you to sleep.”. The truth I told‘I’ll never be involved in anything again. They woke me up because I had a five-year-old boy,” Flavio Mendoza said.. He concluded the matter by stating: “There I also saw the importance of health and taking care of yourself.”

Fernando Burlando requests preventive detention of Aníbal Lotocki after the death of Silvina Luna

Angel de Brito provided information on the case of Anibal Lotocchi, where it was reported that Fernando Burlando requested preventive pressure after the death of Silvina Luna.

on the other hand, Dancer tells of intense exchange between Floppy Tesouro’s daughter Moorea and Marcelo Tinelli In Bailando 2023. In this sense, she was one of the first celebrities to express her rejection of this situation, since the girl was a minor and the insults involved.

Aníbal Lotocki breaks his silence after the death of Silvina Luna and makes a provocation

surgeon Anibal Lototsky He breaks his silence on allegations of malfeasance in Chile. In a conversation with the Bien de Mañana program, he assured that there were no judicial complaints against him from neighboring countries and admitted that, on the advice of his lawyers, he preferred to keep a low profile.

“My lawyer does not want me to speak at the moment,” he wrote in a letter to the production of Canal Trece’s show hosted by Fabián Doman. I added: “The only thing I can tell you is that there are no criminal or civil cases in Chile. But you can find out if you want.“.

“You will find out everything. Instead of calling journalists in Chile, why not contact the judiciary there to find out the truth? “That way they are not guided by assumptions,” he concluded. Lototsky.

Anibal Lototsky’s “protector” will let him go and his judicial situation will become complicated

Anibal Lototsky after the death of Mariano Caprola and Silvina Luna, on whom he operated became the center of controversy.

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