Florence Pugh admits what no star on the red carpet realizes: ‘It’s really hard’

Last year, in a parade Valentine’s Day inside rome fashion week,picture Florence Pugh been embroiled in controversy.actress Oppenheimer She showed up at the event in a semi-sheer dress with her nipples clearly visible, allowing certain voices to comment on her physique and clothing choices. Pugh said shortly afterwards: “It’s funny to see and witness how easy it is for men to tear apart women’s bodies: openly, proudlyLet the whole world see. “

The actress was plagued by the disproportionate attention women receive in the public gallery: she’s had time to think about it ever since.Some reflections have been shared with Judy Turner Smith exist Elle UKrecalling how Pugh was terrified of the red carpet dynamic early in his career: “When I started going on red carpets, it was really hard. It would take years to be around 50 screaming men. “Photo, here!” In recent years I have felt safer, I think it has a lot to do with the clothes I wear. The more you enjoy, the more people realize that you enjoy. “

Pugh has surprised at every event or interview since then with how calmly he talks about his physique and how ungrateful it can lead him. “I talk about my body the way I talk about my body, because I don’t want to hide the cellulite on my thighs or the crease between my arms and my chest; i prefer to show itThe key to that attitude is what happened in Rome. “When the whole pink Valentino dress thing happened a year ago and my nipples were showing through a piece of cloth, it upset people. “

“It is liberty that frightens men; the truth is I am very comfortable and happy. The practice of harming women by commenting on their bodies has long worked. ’” the actress explained. “I think we’re at this stage right now where a lot of people are saying “I do not care”. Unfortunately, we’re so terrified of the human body that we can’t even see two tiny nipples behind a piece of cloth in any other way than sex. We need constant reminders that women’s bodies exist for more than one reason. “

Pugh assured that he had the support and applause of many women in the wake of the controversy. “They were drawn to how I looked utterly happy. It’s a fundamental aspect of my career and life: accept who i am instead of running from it’” In the past, Pugh admits, right when she was starting out as an actress (before committing) lady macbeth) This pressure makes him think he is already a “huge mistake” I want to enter the entertainment industry.

“They want to change everything about me, my weight, my looks like, the shape of my face, the shape of my eyebrows…that’s not what I want to do, it’s not what I want to be in. ’ Luckily, Pugh has figured out how to deal with it all.

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