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Flowers, Greta Ray’s new music project

Greta Ray, a talented Italian singer with over 2,000,000 subscribers worldwide and over 1,200,000 streams on Spotify with her latest single “Haters”, is excited to present her new musical project called “Flowers” to the world. The single went on sale in all digital stores from Friday, June 30, and promises to surprise fans of his music once again.

In collaboration with Philadelfo Castro, founder of Beatfactory Productions, and Massimiliano Cenatempo, her manager and producer at Grays Productions, Greta Ray has remastered Miley Cyrus’ hit song “Flowers”, giving it a modern and appealing look with pop R&B influences. . The alternative version of the track is definitely worth listening to and it will definitely attract the attention of fans of his music.

The music video for “Flowers” will be available on Greta Ray’s official YouTube channel starting Friday, July 7th. With her magnetic charm and incredibly versatile voice, Greta Ray conveys sincere and captivating emotions in her performances, and the “Flowers” video is sure to be an extraordinary spectacle not to be missed.

Who is Greta Ray?

Greta Ray, born Greta Giussani, is a young Italian singer, actress, model and writer born in Como on April 23, 1999. From a very young age, she cultivated her passion for entertainment by doing her first photo shoot for a Famiglia commercial. Christian at the age of only four years. Since then, Greta has continued to shine in the art world, demonstrating extraordinary talent in every performance.

During the summer periods of 2018 and 2019, Greta performed alongside big names in Italian music in highly successful competitions including Radio Stop Festival, Festival Show and Incanto Summer Festival, with over 25,000 participants.

On April 29, 2022, Greta released her latest unreleased single “Haters” written in collaboration with Fausto. The track quickly passed the one million streams mark on Spotify, once again demonstrating the artist’s growing popularity. “Haters” even reached number one on MEI’s international radio charts, a testament to the great talent and recognition Greta has earned in the music scene.

Since March 2023, Greta has embarked on an exciting concert tour, during which she has traveled almost all of Italy, participating in major festivals such as Aperyshow, Movieland Park and TreViva Festival. His captivating and energetic performances won the hearts of fans, further cementing his position in the music industry.

Follow Greta and listen to her music

If you want to keep a close eye on Greta Ray’s creative journey and immerse yourself in her breathtaking music, you can do so through the following channels:

Official Website: Visit her website for the latest news, photos and information about upcoming events.

Spotify: Listen to his tracks on Spotify at and let yourself be carried away by his unique and enveloping voice.

YouTube: Subscribe to her official YouTube channel at to stay updated on her new music videos and special features.

Instagram: Follow Greta Ray’s Instagram at to keep up to date with her life and artistic adventures.

Facebook: Join her Facebook community at to connect with other fans and get updates on her career.

With undeniable talent, Greta Ray is determined to make a significant mark on the music industry and continue to amaze the public with her exciting and authentic music. Don’t miss the opportunity to join her musical journey and discover the enchanting world of “Flowers” and the upcoming exciting projects of this extraordinary Italian artist.

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