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Flu and Covid-19 vaccinations to protect residents of Healthy People Homes

“Vaccination allows us to take care of the health and well-being of people, especially the most vulnerable, as well as of well-educated people,” Margarida Tavares said in an initiative on October 11 of accommodation.” Support established vaccination campaigns against influenza and Covid-19.

The vaccination took place at the Terceira Idade da Misericórdia de Vila do Conde in the town of Conde. Aware that the annual vaccination campaign will be carried out among thousands of people, the Secretary of State said: “This task can only be carried out in close proximity through cooperation between the health sector and the private and social sectors.” Health units and community pharmacies.

The 2023-2024 autumn and winter influenza and Covid-19 seasonal vaccination campaigns will begin on September 29, with nearly 3,500 vaccination sites across the country. The target is to vaccinate 2.5 million people through SNS’s 2,500 pharmacies and 1,000 primary health care units.

In the residential buildings of Idosas Vão, approximately 120,000 doses of the vaccine will be administered, suitable for situations of particularly fragile immunity and exposure, such as infections and ongoing care.

In 2023-2024, free influenza vaccination will be offered to people aged 60 and 64 years for the first time starting from the seasonal vaccination season, further increasing vaccine coverage in this age group For which vaccine is currently recommended, age groups are compared with Covid -19 Vaccine adjustments.

Photo: Condi Municipal Chamber of Commerce

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