Flu and Sales

You can tell we’re in January now because traditional sales and the traditional January flu are at their peak. A month ago I had to get the flu and covid vaccine but I couldn’t do it because I got the flu. Because I am an old person, the state takes good care of me and has been taking care of me, and they notified me again last week, so for health reasons, I received both vaccines at the same time, which is why I have two shoulders. Now I am a hive of antibodies dripping down my legs until they soak through my shoelaces. It can move through the crowd as if inside a bubble, keeping numerous foreign objects (of different genders) out and at a distance.

The walking antibody is me. If the state and clinical authorities had cared so much about me when I was younger, the truth is that I would have been so worried that I would have locked myself away somewhere (a monastery, perhaps) where they could not find me, and maybe I would have written some paranoid article, complain. But now that I’m an old man, we old people don’t care about anything, even the government beats us down, and I’m full of antibodies, like a Christmas turkey filled with cranberries and dried plums (Auntie, this is your chance) ),the fact is. The truth is, I did it with absolute calm and without flinching. Like the old Rabbi Groshkov in the classic Jewish tale, he recommends accepting whatever comes naturally, whether it’s a woman, an ice pick in your chest, or both. I’m a little surprised at the amount of persistence and information campaigning on the flu issue, to use the well-known language of epidemics, health emergencies with curves, peaks and spillovers. Among them, in addition to the poor people who contract the flu, even more worrying are the poor health workers who care for them, who lack resources. It seems some people haven’t learned anything from this pandemic and they continue to skimp on public health. So now we have to sympathize more with doctors and nurses than with patients because we’ve known for a century that there’s influenza in the winter and there’s sales in January. normal. But hey, don’t pay too much attention to me. Maybe my antibodies are talking.

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