Flu epidemic leaves Monica Garcia immobile

After five years of socialist government, Spain’s health system is in shambles.An onslaught of traditional winter infections, high rates of respiratory illnesses and slight spikes in cases caused by COVID-19 and other pathogens are enough Seeing similar scenes again to those during the epidemic: Medical centers are overcrowded, Emergency room collapses, overcrowded with hundreds of patients Waiting for a bed in a hospital corridor.

which are the cause of this disaster Which seasonal viruses are only partially responsible? Although there are many, they can be summarized into three: Insufficient budget – General national budgets consider less than 7% of GDP for health, while other countries allocate 9% or 10% – Poor human resource planning – contributed to the fact that six ministers were appointed in just five years – and Inefficient management modelrigid and official, which hinders the adoption of quick decisions and rewards efficient professionals over those who are less efficient.

What steps have we taken since the pandemic to avoid a similar situation now? there is nothing. There were neither reforms nor the establishment of a common national agreement to assist patients at critical moments, nor an increase in funding, nor the establishment of public health agencies, nor the improvement of the functioning of interregional committees. Health authorities also lack foresight and agility in the face of still-predictable infectious disease outbreaks. The flu’s onslaught kept Minister Monica Garcia out of her job this Christmas, although she’s now trying to remedy the situation. excellent.

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