Flu or COVID-19: How to tell the difference?

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In today’s world, words “Flu” and “COVID-19” Having become part of our everyday vocabulary, it is crucial to know how to differentiate between these two invisible enemies that can threaten our health. How to distinguish them?

The two diseases have similar symptoms, but there are some key clues that can help you tell them apart.one of them may be Symptom onset time:

  • influenza: Symptoms usually appear suddenly within 1 to 4 days after infection.
  • Covid-19: Symptoms may take longer to appear, 2 to 14 days after infection.

On the other hand, there are Loss of smell and tastea unique symptom of COVID-19 Rarely occurs in influenza. If you experience any of these abnormalities, you are more likely to have coronavirus.

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How to differentiate between influenza and COVID-19?

The common cold is caused by a different strain of virus than Covid-19.Most coronaviruses, like the common cold, cause mild infections of the upper respiratory tract and produce relatively mild symptoms, such as Stuffy nose, headache and sore throat.

On the other hand, people infected with covid-19 can develop respiratory symptoms, which may lead to Cough, hypoxia, difficulty breathing, and fever. The infection can also lead to pneumonia, kidney failure and, in the most severe cases, death.

according to University College Londonrunny nose, and headaches are symptoms of many infections, but they can also be the first and only symptoms of COVID-19.

So, experts detail the most accurate way to differentiate between the flu and COVID-19 is to specific diagnostic tests. PCR and antigen tests can accurately identify the presence of the virus.

do not panic!Although Flu and Covid-19 They share some symptoms and there are some keys to help you tell them apart. If you’re in doubt, talk to your doctor, and remember it’s best to get tested to avoid confusion, and most importantly, don’t self-medicate.

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