Flu wave abates in A Coruña, but coronavirus revenue remains the same

the worst flu wave What started in early December is over. Galicia had the highest number of infections and hospital admissions during the Christmas period, but now Sanidade has confirmed that the trend is declining.inside CHUAC in A Coruña Although they report that more than a hundred people are still hospitalized with influenza or COVID-19, the diagnoses are shared.

“We clearly see that the downward trend has continued since the first week of January,” he said. Maria Jose PereiraDirector of Preventive Medicine at the Hospital of A Coruña. Professionals at the center, which admitted 145 patients during the highest incidence weeks, breathed a sigh of relief.

However, 128 people were still hospitalized with these respiratory infections on Monday: Influenza 85, COVID-19 43so “the impact of respiratory tract infections on health care activities remains very important,” Pereira said.

Among the data processed by CHUAC, what is striking is that Flu cases drop, COVID-19 cases remain.The doctor said: “We have experienced waves of influenza epidemics, but the baseline situation of the new crown epidemic remains the same.” In fact, at the end of December Covid hospital admissions stand at 47, a figure very similar to this MondayInfluenza cases dropped significantly, from 112 to 85 at the end of the year.

Pereira hopes conditions will continue their downward trend, but there is still winter ahead, The possibility of a new wave cannot be ruled out. So, remember that Xunta has extended the vaccination campaign until January 26, which is why it encourages those who have not yet been vaccinated to make an appointment to get vaccinated, especially if they are in a high-risk group. It also reiterated the following recommendations: Wear a mask if you have symptoms.

The situation has “normalized”

Sanitation CommitteeJulio Garcia Cosanha, He also assured on Monday that the flu wave had “normalized” after “passing the peak of week 52”, equivalent to the last week of the year.

That week, Sanidade recorded “high numbers of people coming into the emergency room” and a positive test rate of “more than 30 percent,” which has now dropped to 19 percent, while at the same time Income has also decreased.

Comesaña also confirmed that influenza infections still account for the majority of infections: Currently 66%Their number is much higher than the number of people registered with COVID-19, accounting for 33% of the total, according to data managed by the organization.

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