Following Deion Sanders’ Stern Nikola Jokic lesson, former NBA champion accuses Joel Embiid of not living up to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson’s standards

Nikola Jokic probably knows nothing about American passion (read: football). But not Joel Embiid. So, he must have heard “Head Coach” Deion Sanders’ words about keeping his word. During an impromptu dinner with Sanders, the Sixers received valuable wisdom. You can speak freely. But when you actually take the step, all you get is disappointment. That’s not what Sanders expected with the potential of a guy like Embiid.

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Joel Embiid is known for his pranks. When Jokic’s eerily similar spin move to Embiid failed completely, the five-time NBA All-Star fell into the ruthless hands of the Philadelphia 76ers’ reigning MVP.

Joel Embiid gets another knock from former NBA champion


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Words coming out of someone’s mouth are one thing. When words have value, action follows to deliver what you say. Otherwise, they’re just meaningless gibberish. Unfortunately for Embiid, that’s the case. Yes, he is the reigning MVP in 2023. He does have value as a player. But so does Jokic. After all, the Jokic-Murray combination was the Nuggets’ first championship ring.

“Road Trippin'” hosts and former NBA champions Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye agree. “Sorry, please treat this game right or figure it out, but don’t plan on resting in the MVP race. There are no legends in this game…no seniors…no veterans respecting this move.”

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It’s understandable where this sentiment comes from. There was a certain level of banter and back-and-forth between players, especially closer to the regular season. But the players did step up and prove it was more than just a rant.

Embiid needs to live up to Jordan or Magic standards

The MVP race between Jokic and Embiid is ongoing. “If he plays well in Philly, the MVP race is over. “ Rich said. “But what will Magic… Michael… Bill Russell… Kareem think? … Look what the great players will say about missing the last third of the season. “They’ll follow Deon Sanders to call it. ”

‘The best big man in the league by far’: Shaquille O’Neal chooses between Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid; shocking answer, co-host

In Sandel’s own words, “If Embiid plays Clowney, I want to see Embiid play Clowney.” (Source: Bleacher Report, Twitter post, October 4, 2023)


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All this trolling and calling out players is great marketing material. But when you’re a player trying to sell yourself to fans by trolling another player, the least you can do is show up.


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“The Process” will hopefully take time to process all of this criticism. Until then, let’s stay focused on tomorrow’s preseason game against the Celtics.

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