Fondazione Fiera opens the doors of the historical archive

Fiera Milano Foundation opens the doors of his historical archive Saturday October 14 at 10 am on the occasion of the initiative”Open archivesorganized by Rete Fotografia. 2023 edition entitled “Archives of Italian Photographers: a heritage to be treasured”, which is aimed not only at a specialized audience, drawing attention to a topic of great interest to both photographers and environmental authorities and government agencies, and involves the whole country, opening the doors of 65 archives in 13 regions free of charge. Italian.
A unique cultural opportunity that opens up the possibilities of others meetings during the week of the event – from 14 to 22 October – which will be organized depending on the number of mandatory reservations by email:

photographs by master Giovanni Gastel

During a visit on Saturday excursion in the Archive with in-depth analysis dedicated to “Archives Perspective”, a project born in 2019 as a result of the collaboration of the Fondazione Fiera Milano, AFIP International, La Triennale di Milano and the support of the Fondazione Cariplo for the conservation of photographic archives and the documentary valorization of images.
Inside the route there is also In-Depth Analysis dedicated to the collaboration, born in 2023, between Prospettiva Archivi andGiovanni Gastel Archive which will result in the publication of approximately 20,000 images – services, campaigns, advertising, artistic photographs and shots for books – signed by the great Milanese photographer.

Portrait of Giovanni Gastel

The collaboration between the Giovanni Gastel Archive and Prospettiva Archivi is due to the desire of Gastel, former President of AFIP International and one of the initiators of the Prospettiva Archivi project, to collaborate with the Fiera Milano Foundation in the creation of a system of photographic archives dedicated to Fair activities. In continuation of his generous vision, after his death in 2023, the Gastel family, his Summer and the Archive dedicated to him began to collaborate with the Fiera Milano Foundation to launch scientific cataloging parts of the master’s analogue and digital archive in order to make it publicly available and available for consultation on the Prospettiva Archivi website.

On the site You can already consult with them further 3500 images shot by the Milanese photographer, which cover a period of time from the early 1980s to the mid-2000s and tell the story of Gatel’s collaboration with the world of Italian and foreign publishing through services created for publications such as Donna, Vogue Mondo. Uomo, Amica, Elle and iconic images featuring some of the most famous top models such international stars as Naomi Campbell, Marpessa, Linda Evangelista, Monica Bellucci.
The photographs, all in analogue format – slides, Polaroids, positives and negatives – have been digitized and cataloged by the Historical Archive Fiera Milano Foundation.

(Photo: Image Service/Giovanni Gastel Archive)

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