For the first time in Spain, children from six months to five years old are required to be vaccinated against influenza

Children with underlying conditions have only been vaccinated so far

This autumn, for the first time, the flu vaccination period was extended throughout Spain, Healthy children 6 months to 5 years oldan innovation since previously only groups of infants with underlying conditions were vaccinated.

All communities and municipalities of Ceuta and Melilla have been vaccinated against this year’s flu vaccine and will benefit from the 1.6 million childrenJavier Alvarez, Vaccine Advisory Committee of the Spanish Pediatric Association (CAV-AEV), explained to EFE that both the intranasal vaccine for children aged 2 to 5 years and the youngest children (6 to 23 months ) of the intramuscular vaccine.

Last year, this group of children was vaccinated against influenza in only three autonomous regions: Andalusia, Galicia and MurciaThe expert said “brilliant” results had been achieved, with 50% coverage, and he hoped for an average coverage in Spain of 55% to 60%.

Although these coverages may seem modest, they are significant because significant impact has been achieved” and The virus stops spreading or decreases in numberso not only those who are vaccinated, but also those around them benefit,” the expert said.

Alvarez noted that the vaccine is administered to healthy children “to protect those who are vaccinated, but also because they are The main spreaders of influenza are mainly in schools and nurseriesand spread the virus to those who live with them.

In the case of influenza, “it’s difficult for people to realize that it’s not a trivial disease,” the expert admitted, and that it’s not without complications, especially in the smallest cases: ‘Influenza must be taken seriously’, warn.

20-40% of children are affected

In fact, flu It affects 20% to 40% of the child population Depending on the severity of the outbreak that year, 5% of cases end up in hospital because of their severity.

He reiterated that two-thirds of hospitalized children were healthy, that is, they had no underlying disease, and recommended “to get everyone vaccinated, and vaccination is always a value”.

Therefore, this fall, the flu vaccine, which is already on the national health system’s schedule, This cohort and children with underlying pathology will be treatedno matter your age.

Influenza can be vaccinated at the same time as other diseases: “The fewer vaccinations the better, because stressful moments overlap,” he adds.

Amós García Rojas, member of the World Health Organization’s European standing group and honorary member of the Spanish Vaccination Association (AEV), also spoke on the issue, applauding that this year’s influenza vaccine will include the child population “It plays an important role in spreading disease”.

In a statement to EFE, García Rojas insisted that in countries where healthy children had been vaccinated, “significant reductions in influenza cases among adults were observed”.

New crown vaccine for high-risk groups

Also this fall, vaccination campaigns against the new coronavirus will resume with the new serum, an intervention that García Rojas believes “will remain stable over the next few years,” albeit only for high-risk groups, once a year and administered Administer concurrently with influenza vaccine.

“Coronavirus has persisted, it will not be diluted or obscured, it will continue to be with us, which means there will be clear risks in the population, who will be treated with boosted doses,” the former president said. AEV .

New vaccines adapted to variants of Covid-19 from Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax will be administered this year.The groups required to receive this anti-coronavirus vaccine will be Elderly people, patients with dangerous diseases, immunocompromised, pregnant women and healthy people.

from Pfizer Since most flu vaccines are distributed in late September and administered in October, “the goal is to provide the newer Omicron XBB.1.5 vaccine at the same time,” the report said.

go through modern Assurance that their updated vaccine “has shown a significant increase in antibody-neutralizing capacity against EG.5, FL 1.5.1 strains, and the XBB variant” and that it “will have sufficient global supply ready for fall vaccinations”.

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