Forced to change his views four years ago, seven-time All-Star reveals how Michael Jordan overthrew GM but ‘cut’ his Bulls dreams

The Chicago Bulls are the only team in NBA history to win the “three-peat” twice between 1991 and 1998. Their incredible run to the championship was only possible because of the trio of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. These three NBA stars were the core of the legendary Chicago Bulls team of the 1990s.

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However, in the resurfaced “XIn this video, a seven-time All-Star reveals a “not-so-popular” incident involving the Chicago Bulls front office that could change NBA history forever.

How Michael Jordan “cut off” the 7-time All-Star’s Bulls dream


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“Reappearing”X” In the video, seven-time All-Star Tracy McGrady recounts his 1997 NBA draft night. He says, “People don’t know that night Jerry Krause (Bulls general manager) actually tried to trade me and Scottie Pippen.“.

He further revealed, “Jordan called and ‘cancelled’ the entire deal. “ the shocked hosts asked the seven-time All-Star, “You knew that at the time?” Tracy McGrady immediately replied: “Yes!“.

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McGrady finally said:That night, Jerry Krause tried to trade me and Scottie Pippen. They took me to a secret meeting. Yes, they did. ” The host smiled and added: “The whole course of NBA history just…just…changed.“.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are arguably the best NBA pairing of all time. Their complementary shooting and offensive styles each helped the Chicago Bulls win as many as six NBA championships. Despite current tensions between former teammates”“The Last Dance” Despite the controversy, it was heartwarming that Jordan supported Pippen when Jerry Krause (then general manager of the Chicago Bulls) wanted to trade Pippen for a young Tracy McGrady. Heart.

Tracy McGrady disliked Jordan’s involvement in the Chicago Bulls’ front office for a long time. This cost him the chance to contribute to the legendary Chicago Bulls and win an NBA championship. However, in “last dance” In the 2020 documentary, the seven-time All-Star was forced to change his opinion.

How ‘The Last Dance’ Changed Tracy McGrady’s View of MJ

last danceThe documentary follows Jordan’s iconic championship run with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. This iconic team is the only team in NBA history to win every NBA Finals appearance.

Four years ago, Tracy McGrady spoke to ESPN about his “Opinion slightly changed“Michael Jordan. He said after watching the documentary:I already knew a lot of things, but what I didn’t know was… the extent to which one has an advantage over his opponent.”

He gave an example “Tmy last dance” Regarding MJ’s game with a young NBA player named LaBradford Smith. Tracy McGrady said: “You know Mike made up this story in his head like the guy said something to him like “Great game” and then Mike couldn’t wait until the next night to meet the guy and then he put He burned. But as far as I know, that guy never said “great game” to MJ.”

He further added: “To reach this level is to have the motivation to surpass the opponent… This is purely one person’s madness. But it worked for him. “.


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Tracy McGrady has greater respect for Michael Jordan’s journey as a professional athlete. He also admitted that he would use other people as fuel to improve his game performance, but not to the extent of making up scenarios in his head. The seven-time All-Star believes the 2020 documentary gave him a better understanding of Jordan’s personality.

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When Michael Jordan surpassed Jerry Krause”ax” Tracy McGrady’s Bulls dream? Let us know in the comments below!


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