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New Ford Bronco in version Badlands It could very well be one of the following machines. Fast and Furious. To control it, certainly not one of the pilots crew Toretto or the more sophisticated and very English Deckard Shaw played by Jason Statham. No, as an unstoppable machine, the Ford Bronco is the perfect car for The Rock as former DI Luke Hobbs. We ourselves, in our own little way, launched it at maximum speed (permitted by traffic rules) over bumps and nothing, Ford Bronco leaves them behind without the slightest hesitation. Not to mention the off-road qualities. You can see all this with your own eyes in the video below.

Blue Oval has decided to make its Bronco available in Italy as well, albeit in limited numbers, as in the variant External banksit’s a little more radical chic, than in the worst case Badlands, our favorite. Of course, the interior is a plus. plasticosis, but we must consider that this SUV can throw itself into the mud even without doors or a roof and still be caught off guard by a sudden storm with the confidence to continue functioning. For these reasons, dashboard surfaces can be washed and cockpit switches sealed with silicone and equipped with rubber contact points for weather protection. That’s why some finishes from sit back good thing they don’t. As for the engine, the choice in both versions is identical and unique.

Video test drive Ford Bronco

power transmission 100% petrol

The engine is Ford EcoBoost V6 2.7L petrol which produces 335 hp. and 563 Nm of torque. The decision, which reads on paper, may seem modest, given the car’s 23 quintals of weight, but it is quite adequate for the off-road capabilities that the car offers. The disadvantage of this engine is the consumption, which reached 7.5 km per liter in a week of use. Of course, Bronco loves the city as much as Heidi’s grandfather. Rocky terrain, sand, mud, as well as ice and snow are more suitable for him. So much so that the cylinders are made from compacted graphite iron to guarantee greater strength and rigidity than traditional cast iron.

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