Forget about the dust in your home with this simple action

Of all the chores around the house, there is one that makes you especially lazy. And there are quite a few. Dusting is a suffocating activity. A mop is something that few people want to pick up, which is why once you do You want the results to last for a whileor at least, over a few hours we found This tip can help you.

A young cleaning freak, A person named Manjeet uses his account Tik Tok (@mrsjohalshome) Giving Household Tips, Chores and Techniques, Like how to keep your washing machine mold-free or how to get rid of bathroom odors.Now, he’s just released a video on the ultimate key to keeping your home’s surfaces sparkling and dust-free, and all it takes is baby oil

According to the video, baby oil is perfect for Clean chrome or stainless steel surfaces, Cleaning experts have even used it to polish refrigerator doors and even clean leather jackets. To ensure the surface doesn’t become sticky with oil, Manjit recommends wiping away excess oil with a microfiber cloth or kitchen towel.

The recommendation has gone viral, making the video the most viewed on his profile. The number of visits has exceeded 100,000.

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