Forza Motorsport: 10 Tips for Beginners

Six years after the seventh sequel, the Forza racing simulator is back on the track. The new Forza is significantly different from its predecessor, thanks to new driving physics, improved handling, and improved gameplay. In our guide, we give you the best tips and tricks for mastering the new Forza.


Adjust difficulty

Forza screenshot showing difficulty settings.

Difficulty level has a big impact on your earnings

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Featuring varying difficulty levels, eight levels of customizable enemy AI, and optional driving aids, Forza Motorsport can be perfectly customized to your own abilities or preferences.

However, these adjustments will not only affect the difficulty level of the game, but also possible income in the form of points and experience.

For example, at the highest level (Expert rules) and Drivatar difficulty 8, you get 60% more points per game. Note that you can adjust the level at any time. Our advice for beginners:

Start with Drivatar difficulty two or three and follow the rules of the campaign. This is the ideal middle ground between realism and beginner-friendliness, as damage here is only visual and you can use the rewind feature to smooth out driving mistakes if needed.

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Driving aids

Forza Motorsport screenshot showing race from cockpit view using driving aids "track restrictions" active.

If you want, Forza can even show you the limits of the track

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Like most racing games, the new Forza comes with a number of optional driving aids for beginners. Beginners can even get help when braking or turning.

But even those taking their first steps in the racing game genre should make a few changes here before their first game.

You should deactivate Brake Assist, Acceleration Assist, and Steering Assist as soon as possible, as these driving aids can strongly interfere with gameplay and take away control from you. In the “Brake” option in the driver assistance settings, activate only ABS (or deactivate it completely).

For the accelerator pedal, select “Unassisted,” while for steering you can choose between “Normal” and “Analog.” Beginners should start with the normal option.

Also useful is the “Track Limits” option, which allows the driver to show you the limits of the track: if you exceed these limits, you can be subject to severe time penalties.


Career Mode: Car Upgrades

Forza Motorsport screenshot showing the upgrade shop.

There are over 800 tuning parts to choose from in the Forza Motorsport store.

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Forza Career Mode includes new role-playing elements. By completing tasks in the event, you gain experience and earn credits. You can use these points to upgrade your car with new tuning parts.

Before each event, you can choose to install new parts in the Performance option in the menu to improve your car’s speed, acceleration, handling or braking.

Be sure to take advantage of this before each race to bring the best vehicle possible to the next race. Because AI opponents will also upgrade their cars during the course of the championship.

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Screenshot from Forza Motorsport showing a Formula 1 race at Spa in the 1970s.

Tires often determine victory or defeat

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One of the most important upgrades you’ll need in Forza is your tires. You usually unlock this option at car level 11, so you’ll need to drive the car for a while.

However, you should definitely buy racing tires as they have a huge impact on driving behavior and speed.

This is where you should definitely ditch the automatic upgrades and go for better tires, as this is where you’ll benefit the most from the upgrades.


Don’t skip training sessions

A screenshot from Forza shows a training session in a foggy Volkswagen Golf.

In training you can gain a lot of extra experience

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In Forza Career mode, each race is preceded by a practice session with two goals: complete three laps and (optionally) beat a specific lap time.

However, you can also skip the training sessions in the main menu. Even if you already know the track like the back of your hand, you should always complete the training course, as here you will gain a lot of experience points that you can use to upgrade your car faster.

Training sessions are also a great way to test new improvements and tweaked settings and see if the changes work. So: keep training, it’s worth it.


Be careful with segmentation points

Screenshots from Forza Motorsport showing racing in a Porsche from a cockpit perspective.

Split points tell you your actual speed

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A new feature in Forza Motorsport are so-called split points, which appear in the top right corner of the screen during training and races. Each circuit is divided into a different number of segments.

Scores vary from 1.0 to 10.0. The higher the value, the better and cleaner your driving style will be during the final segment. This means that a higher stage bonus means you are faster in the final stage.

Pay close attention to the screen to see if and how you can improve in each section.

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Upgrade your car: This is the fastest way

A screenshot from Forza Motorsport shows a gray Porsche from Suzuka with a Ferris wheel in the background.

In Rival mode you can gain XP quickly

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A great way to quickly upgrade your car and gain XP is to use Hot Lap Mode in Free Play or Competitive Mode. Here you can queue up lap after lap to quickly move up the rankings.

It is also recommended to divide the circuit into a large number of segments. Examples include the Nürburgring, Suzuka and Silverstone.


Adjust tire and fuel strategies

A screenshot from Forza, showing a night race in the rain from a cockpit perspective.

Monitor fuel level and tire rubber level

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With the Sport or Expert rules activated, Forza will offer simulated tire and fuel consumption. Before each race, you can select a different set of tires in the start menu and determine the amount of fuel to put into your car’s tank.

But: the default settings for race simulation to work automatically are less than ideal. Basically, the car was overfilled relative to the number of laps in the race.

So see how many laps are left in the next race and adjust the fuel amount accordingly, which can sometimes save you a few hundredths of a second per lap. By the way, CPU opponents always start with a full tank.

Care must also be taken when selecting tires. For example, soft tires are faster but also wear out faster. Most of the time you have to go to the pits after two or three laps to put on new tires. In fact, mid-size tires are always the best choice.

The same applies to wet tires: always check the weather for the next race and change to wet tires if necessary.

Forza Racing.

Settings have a huge impact on your vehicle

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The more parts you upgrade, the more configuration adjustments you can make to your car. However, the sheer variety of options can quickly overwhelm newbies. Does anyone know what’s behind the stabilizer, suspension, shock absorber or differential?

Fortunately, Forza tells beginners, at least in general terms, how the corresponding settings affect speed, acceleration, or handling.

Configuration greatly affects how the car performs on the track. So be sure to try different configurations. However, be careful not to adjust too many parameters at once and only make smaller changes so that you know what settings have been changed if you don’t like them.

If you’re having trouble keeping the car on the track, it’s worth fitting and adjusting the front and rear wings. This way you greatly improve maneuverability and grip, but at the expense of top speed.


Practice makes a master

A screenshot from Forza Motorsport shows a driver standing on the podium.

If you practice a lot you will eventually reach the top of the podium

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No teacher falls from the sky. This is suitable for real motorsport and racing game genres.

Like Verstappen, don’t let initial failures discourage you. Improve little by little with training sessions, time trials and career mode. Especially the duel with other players’ ghosts in competitive mode will help you take over the track and become faster.

In a racing simulator like Forza, car control and track knowledge are crucial to staying fast on the track at all times. If you practice regularly, you will improve over time.

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