France Raisa ditches hot sauces and wins Selena Gomez’s favor

The singer posed with her friend, who gave her a rignon to support her in promoting salsa…

Selena Gomez th Francia Raisa, thanks to the best friend who gave her a rignon a few years ago, they reappeared in social circles and heard the noise of rivalry between them. Wearing playful outfits and a shirt that read “No Beef, Just Salsa,” Francia shared some photos of the two days before launching her hot salsa line.

Showing that they are following each other, Selena appears to be collaborating with her friend on the launch of their red chile and green tomatillo sauces – an alliance between Raisa and the La Victoria brand.

The reason why Selena wears the shirt with Francia is a sign of her friend’s new learning.

The actresses’ sources were recently revealed in OK! magazine. that they got back in touch last year after some ill-wishers.

Regarding Raisa con La Victoria’s new songs, the How I Meet Your Father actress states:

“De mi casa a la tuya. This sauce is a dream come true for me. When I left home to pursue my dream of becoming an actress, I was reunited with my wife at the table. My mom taught me the recipe for salsa abuela. Now mom says it can be better than the original! Wherever it is, a bite of this sauce takes me home to Los Angeles. I am very excited to collaborate with the creators of the LA VICTORIA brand and share a piece of my family’s heritage with you,” said Francia.


Francia Raisa, Selena Gomez’s friend who made the singer laugh in 2017, was criticized for the act, which was received by some of the artist’s followers on the Internet. In an interview with TMZ Live, the How I Met Your Father actress said that she suffered from comments from Internet users and that they were very painful and difficult for her, affecting her mental and emotional health.

In a conversation with reporter Raisa, I said that Selena told her fans to come after her, but the situation continues.

“Selena made me stop, but I don’t understand why they don’t,” he lamented.

The actress also noted that it is about moving away from cyberspace and leading a peaceful life by focusing only on positive things, but says that “there are comments that cannot be ignored.”

I recorded the hater telling her, “I hope you got the rhyme you’re asking for.”

Now the actress, who recently changed her image, can be seen in the Star+ series How I Met Your Father.

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