Free Body helps you prepare in time for Christmas and start the new year at a healthy weight

Weight problems are associated with a variety of medical conditions that can become serious. Therefore, it is a risk to health and life, not just a cosmetic issue.

For this reason there are weight loss clinics like Body Libre, where a team of professionals, together with its founder Isabel Artero, has developed a An effective way to help your patients regain their physical health. The clinic is taking advantage of the fact that there are only a few months left until December, and sincerely invites potential clients to come for consultation. Get ready for Christmas and face 2024 with restored healthweight loss and no cellulite.

two stage weight loss method

Free body applicable Non-invasive surgery combined with a non-restrictive nutrition plan To help patients lose weight and eliminate local fat in a healthy and simple way. The goal of all this is that there is no rebound effect and that the benefits of the treatment are sustained over time.

Weight loss clinic offers two stage method.First, the medical team made Overview. Then, a personalized plan is developed aimed at achieving gradual and sustainable weight loss.

The focus of the second stage is Stabilizes and tightens the treated area, achieving a harmonious body without sagging.

When it comes to nutrition, Free Body emphasizes that you should Maintain a balanced and healthy dietdo not prohibit the patient from eating his favorite foods, as this may be counterproductive.

cutting edge technology

The clinic has certified technology that can be applied Treatment tailored to patient needs.One of the techniques available is heat wave, can be used externally and topically. Helps stimulate the body temperature regulation system and promotes fat burning.

Another process is called adrenal therapy And it involves the clinic’s namesake product: Free Body. This is applied to problem areas to dissolve oil buildup.

Likewise, patients may need body candle techniquewhich can address flabby cellulite through a combination of radiofrequency and light with vaccine therapy.

at last, body compression therapy The procedure can reduce cellulite, sculpt the body, release toxins, and eliminate volume in localized areas.

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