Free Hepatitis C Test Day

The World Health Organization has launched an initiative within the framework of World Day, commemorated every year on 28 July, to raise awareness and educate people about hepatitis. To this end, Commodore Altamira and Rivadavia, the Minister of Health, will organize a day of free hepatitis testing at three strategic locations in the city, without prior appointment:

South Zone: Altamira Headquarters – Alsina 266

North District: Altamira José Ingenieros branch-1207, local 7, km5

Center: Minister of Health – Sarmiento 680

This time we are only testing for hepatitis C. The procedure for detecting hepatitis is very simple and requires only a small blood sample.

It will be performed in the order of arrival without any prior treatment. And it’s not painful, and although the patient may feel slight discomfort when the needle is inserted or withdrawn, it only takes ten minutes for the patient to see the results.

The main objective of the campaign, which will be run across the network, is to raise awareness and awareness about hepatitis, a group of viral diseases that cause inflammation of the liver, leading to a range of health problems. If left undiagnosed and treated, it can develop into cirrhosis, liver cancer and, in some cases, even life-threatening.

Viral hepatitis is a contagious disease and therefore preventable. In this context, we will report on hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses that are transmitted through exposure to infected blood, through unprotected sex, through the use of needles or objects used intimately by individuals. It’s important to remember that many times, the disease doesn’t show symptoms until years after infection, but it’s still damaging the system.

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