French actress Juliette Meniel has died. Who was Alessandro Gassman’s mother?

Mourning in the world of cinema. French actress dies Juliet Mainiel. His mother was 87 years old. Alessandro Gassmann and former partner of Vittorio Gassman. The sad statement about the loss was made by the actor himself in the message above. Twitter. In his tweet, Gassmann posts video with some photos in which he is depicted with his mother.

You are no longer here and you will always be. I love you, have a nice trip, mom.– the actor writes in the post, saying goodbye to his mother. passed away on Friday, July 21, 2023..

The actor was very attached to his motherdespite the fact that the actress has been living away from Italy for many years, as she explains in a previous interview: ā€œMy mother Juliet feels at home everywhere. For Italy she has the love of an American and the disgust of a Frenchwoman, and now she no longer speaks any language, but an irresistible Esperanto, where every sentence consists of a French accent, like Inspector Clouseau, American, Italian and Spanish terms, given that he has been living in Mexico for some time with his dog Yo Yo. She plays bridge, walks, draws, like an old-fashioned artist, perhaps the most artistic of the whole family.“.

Actress career

Juliette Mainiel was born in 1936 in a small village in France.. At a very young age, she became interested and first entered the world of art and then cinema. And it was during those years that he began his career, working with famous French directors. Maniel became known to the general public thanks to his role in the 1960 film. Faceless eyes. The same year the actress won Silver Bear at the Berlinale as best actress to the cinema Deserter’s story.

However, towards the end of the sixties, he began his career with Italian directors working, participating in films “Family Sins”, “Family Vice”, “The Violin Master” and “From Father to Son”.. However, Maniel isn’t all about the big screen. For television he appears in dramasOdysseyin which she played the sorceress Circe, and again Madame Bovary.

Love story with Vittorio Gassmann

In the early sixties meeting with the famous Vittorio Gassmann. Love arose between them at first sight, albeit short-lived. In fact, the relationship lasted a little more than two years and from their love in 1965 they had a son, Alessandro. However, before joining Mayniel, Vittorio Gassman married in 1944. Nora Riccifrom their union was born Paolain 1945, today theater actress and partner Hugo Pagliai. The couple separated after 8 years. annulment of marriage by the Sacred Company.

In 1954, during the filming of the film MamboGassman dating Shelley Winterswith whom he began a relationship that lasted two years, culminating in marriage and the birth of a daughter. Victory. Between 1953 and 1960 he had a long-term relationship with an Italian actress. Anna Maria Ferrero. However, from 1961 to 1963, he began a new relationship with a Danish actress. Annette Stroyberg. And Gassmanā€™s third and last wife is an actress. Diletta D’AndreaThey married in 1970 and remained together until his death on June 29, 2000. From their union in 1980 they had a son. Jacobtheater director.

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