Friends 22, Maria De Filippi holds back her tears: “I’m going back to work, that’s how they taught me”. Here are the 15 competitors of the evening

There are fifteen dancers (8) and singers (7) in pole position for the evening of the twenty-second edition of “Amici di Maria De Filippi”. Revolution in the jury with the new entries Michele Bravi, Cristiano Malgioglio and Giuseppe Giofrè

“I start working again because that’s what they taught me”. These were the first words of Maria DeFilippi at the opening of the last appointment with the Sunday afternoon of “Friends of Maria De Filippi”. With shining eyes and her voice that betrayed her strong emotion, the presenter greeted and thanked the audience who applauded her as she entered the studio, inviting everyone to silence. This was indeed for her the first episode of the program recorded after the death of her husband Maurizio Costanzowhich took place on February 24th. Then, with the professionalism that distinguishes her, she kicked off the broadcast, during which the fifteen competitors of the Evening Phase were announced, starting on March 18 in prime time on Canale 5 and again hosted by Maria De Filippi. In the jury on the red armchairs there will be three new entries: the singer-songwriter Michele Bravi, Cristiano Malgioglio (which comes after a successful year with “Tale and what show” And “Such and such”) And the “surprise” Giuseppe Giofrè. The latter is at home to “Amici” because he won the dance circuit in the eleventh edition of Maria De Filippi’s talent show and went on tour with the likes of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj. Also this year the artistic director will be Stephane Jarny.

From seventeen students we have passed to fifteen. Have remained out of the final competition the singer-songwriter Niveo and the dancer Benedetta. The latter received, surprisingly, a professional contract to dance with Mattia. So there will be a way to see her dance again. It was the professors themselves Lorella Cuccarini, Emanuel Lo, Arisa and Rudy Zerbi who judged who would pass to the evening with a system of dry votes. Nothing is known yet about the mechanism of the new Serale, nor about the possible pairings of professors for the competing teams.

HERE ARE ALL THE SINGERS IN THE EVENING COMPETITION – Angelina (21 years old) lives in Milan, but is originally from Basilicata. She graduated from the art school, is the daughter of the late singer-songwriter Mango and Laura Valenteformer voice of Matia Bazar. Federica (23 years old) from Rome and works as a hairdresser, she has never studied singing: “At Amici I can find out if I really can be a singer or not”. wax (20 years old) lives in Milan with his parents, brother and dog Black. The passion for music started as a child playing the violin. little g (21 years old) lives in the province of Macerata with his family and has a passion for philosophy. Aaron (18 years old) lives in the province of Perugia with his parents. He suffered from anxiety but writing songs helped to manage it. NDG (22 years old). While still in high school, the singer-songwriter released the song “Panamera, which went viral and was certified gold by Fimi and GfK. After that success, however, things didn’t go as he hoped. Clique (age 19) began singing in a choir at the age of six and then learned to play the guitar.

WHO ARE THE EVENING DANCERS – Ramon (21 years old) lives in Milan and grew up with his older sister. He has various professional experiences in his curriculum: from the Teatro alla Scala to the Metropolitan in New York. Megan (17 years old) has a Cuban mother, who passed on her passion for dance. Isobel (19 years old) is from Australia and started dancing at the age of 3 and in 2018 she won Australia’s dancer of the year award. Gianmarco (22 years old) began to dance secretly at home imitating Michael Jackson and when his mother noticed it, she enrolled him in dance. Madeleine (17 years old) has been studying dance since the age of 3. “I am very stubborn and impulsive. I don’t mince words if I think something isn’t right. I am also very competitive,” she stated. Crazya (18 years old) took part in “Amici” last year, but had to withdraw due to an injury, in the meantime he graduated and took his driving licence. He returned to “Amici”, after last year’s promise from Raimondo Todaro. Samu (18 years old) lives in the province of Palermo with his father and two brothers. For him, dancing is the language of the soul. From March 23, Samu will also be at the cinema with the film “Stranizza d’amuri”, directed by Giuseppe Fiorello, which tells the story of two gays, Giorgio Agatino Giammona and Antonio Agatola, killed on October 31, 1980 in Giarre. In the end Alexei (18 years old) comes into contact with dance thanks to her parents, former teachers of Caribbean dances. At the age of 5 she began studying classical and modern dance and then switched to hip hop.

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