Friends tease Barbie and Margot Robbie for not kissing Ryan Gosling in movie

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling play Barbie and Ken on the big screen, but they never kiss during the movie. The reaction of the main actress’s friends was funny.

Does not exist Ken without Barbieconcept puppet version Ryan Gosling he repeated several times to the character Margot Robbie during live action Barbie. Mattel doll comes to life in director’s new feature film Greta Gerwig, but he did not even foresee a kiss between the two main characters. Barbie’s stereotype of Margot Robbie underscores the reason well: she’s just not in love with Ken, so why would she pander to him? However, the actress revealed that her friends teased her for not kissing Ryan Gosling in the film.

Barbie and Margot Robbie are teased by friends for not kissing Ryan Gosling: “What’s wrong with you?”

While they seem like the perfect couple, in Mattel’s action movie, Barbie and Ken have no romantic interest, or at least no reciprocated interest. Margot Robbie commented Missed kiss with Ryan Gosling in the film and revealed that her friends teased her about skipping a step. To the microphones PeopleThe actress was asked if she was happy that she didn’t actually kiss Ryan Gosling in the film. The answer was:Um, no! For me it was not a victory“. Even Margot Robbie’s friends expressed their disappointment, primarily because she is not only the main actress, but also the film’s producer.

All my girlfriends were like, “Well, you did a whole movie with him and you didn’t kiss him?” What is wrong with you? We thought you were in charge! And I said, “I know, but I can’t cross it off the list.”

For his part, Ryan Gosling is pleased with how the two characters have handled their awkward romance on the big screen. Throughout the film, Ken revolves around Barbie and her approval, hoping for reciprocity. TO PeopleRyan Gosling elaborated that some of these awkward moments were removed from the film:

It was so much fun trying to figure out what their idea for a kiss could be. I am very glad that all this has been eliminated.

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