from Amalfi to hidden Naples, EQ 3 filming locations and their cinematic traditions

Peculiarity Equalizer3 – No Respite The fact is that it was completely filmed in Italy.

Filming began in early October 2022 and concentrated along the track for more than a month. amalfi coastespecially in countries Ravello, Minori and Atrani. Of course, this is not the first time such scenarios have been used in cinema. If the “discovery” of these locations is due to Roberto Rossellini, who filmed some of his scenes here Pice (1946), and then returned to it several times throughout Miracle (1948) Killer car (1952) and I am traveling to Italy (1954), there are also many international productions that came to shoot in this region of our country, corresponding to this imaginary “sun, pizza and mandolin” which depopulates Italy abroad.

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From Treasure of Africa (1953, with Gina Lollobrigida and Humphrey Bogart) seducers (2004, with Helen Hunt and Scarlett Johansson) e Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005, with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) Not Forgetting Mr Ripley’s Talent (1999), musical Nine (2009) and Only you – Love at first sight (1994). Just a couple of years ago, Christopher Nolan also filmed a whole episode with a yacht there. the keeper (2020).

Crew from the Amalfi Coast Equalizer 3 then she moved to Napleshas been a movie city for many years, and not only because many successful crimes are filmed here, starting from Gomorrah (film and series) to a series such as Shiny friend which, of course, gave it a more sunny and hospitable look. Among the films that have recently succeeded in portraying Naples in a more personal and unusual way are It was the hand of God Paolo Sorrentino, Veiled Naples Ferzan Ozpetek e Here I laugh Mario Martone.

Filming Equalizer 3which is in theaters today, ended last January in Rome.

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