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Director Dirt AND Find shelter Jeff Nichols tried to achieve in the past Aquaman co-produced with Warner, as well as a remake Alien nationcult 1988 sci-fi crime drama starring James Caan, Mandy Patinkin and Terence Stamp, but it failed to make it.

The director spoke about these two unsuccessful projects during a performance on Happy Sad Confused, recorded at the Telluride festival, where he presented his latest work: Cyclists (WATCH TRAILER), a film starring Tom Hardy and Austin Butler.

For Aquamanwhich we know later hit the big screen with great success under the direction of James Wan, Nichols offered something much smaller. “apologetic” compared to the then-Warner-approved version we’ve all seen:

I still have scenes from Aquaman stuck in my mind that would have been good. They would have been very different from the film that was eventually made. It was never feasible… I liked the older Aquaman when he had a harpoon in his hand. He was a fallen king, his son was dead. He was in mourning. Of course, just from this brief description it is clear that he would have sold hundreds of dollars worth of tickets! It’s funny to imagine such things, but now we have a lot of films like that. There are many stories in the world of comics. It’s okay to take the time to tell others.

After Aquaman failed, Jeff Nichols committed himself to Loving, but not before attempting to bring eighties cult classics like the aforementioned back to the big screen. Alien nation.

As for Alien Nation, it was very painful,” Nichols said. That’s one of the reasons it took me so long to make another film. I worked there for four years. We were almost at the end. I had the cast ready and everything was ready to shoot, but the universe at the time didn’t want me to make the movie. It was an original story I came up with and they wanted to give it the title Alien Nation. Luckily, the untitled script made it to Paramount. After the strike is over, I will be able to return to work. It’s amazing to work on something for so long. I created entire species of aliens and other things, but the movie is also set in Arkansas and my style. However, this can cost a lot of money. This may be the worst experience of my life, but I would love to do this film.

In short, if the train Aquaman inevitably has already passed, then Alien nation he will still have to drive and park on the highway.

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SOURCE: Happy Sad Confused Podcast via Variety

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