From Belinda to Danna Paola – celebrities who collaborated with Shane

In the last few years She in moved on to include cosmetics in the online store, some clothes and clothes for men, but not only those that also worked with important famous people to create impressive collaborations.

While it is believed that famous brands collaborate with prestigious brands that place their products in the market at a high price, Shane has brought together certain personalities to provide various fashion options at an affordable price. Moving on, we’ll count down some of the brand’s collaborations with singers or influencers.

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Damn Paola

The singer is famous latest collaboration with Shein. It’s been a few days since the actress revealed that she had released various mascot outfits as part of her work with an online company. Danna Paola noted that up to 45 looks can be created with clothes, all of which were created in collaboration with Mexican designers.


In 2021, Belinda announced a collaboration with Shein. the content was inspired by the 90s, “the majestic city”, clothes for the winter, “glam rock” and something else official.


In May 2022, Shein was joined by influencer Domelipa to create a collection inspired by everything that was fashionable during the ’80s decade.. Most of the items in his collection were street style items.baggy and all timeless.

Kimberly Loaiza

Influencer and singer Kimberly Loaisa has a sakado. two collaborations with Shein, the last one in 2022. The work of Kimberly’s online store presents various combinations with beige, coffee or long-haired colors.

The famous noted that they should also be in fashion, they are designed to feel comfortable, but not stylish.


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