From gods to spells

Hundreds of people gather every Thursday at 6 p.m. Church in downtown Guayaquil They kneel before the Blessed Sacrament. On any given day, on the road to revival yet to come, two blond men in white shirts and ties ring a bell and tell people that Jesus lives in America. However, in a yoga studio in another area, a group of young people were repeating Buddhist mantras.

Most people are indifferent to religion People are attached to gods or supreme beings. He did this out of faith.

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According to opinion polls Latino Barometer A survey conducted in 2018 showed that 92% of Ecuadorian respondents had some religious belief or belief; of these, 74.8% were Catholic; 15.2% were evangelicals; and 1.2% were Jehovah’s Witnesses. But 1.4% identified themselves as members of other religious groups, including Seventh-day Adventists, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), Jews and others who enjoyed using spells, guidance and other tools. Meditation, and more holistic practices.

In some cases, all of these people live in the same neighborhood, in the same community.They try through their own beliefs Solving a widespread crisis Going through, connecting with yourself better or having better days.

Research, psychologists, mentors and believers all agree how faith psychological impactbody and spirit in today’s era.

three years ago, María Beatriz (divorced, mother of two) He didn’t even think of going to church to pray. But since her case became just another number in the unemployment statistics and the crisis overwhelmed her, she has regained her confidence.

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“They were laying off people at the company. That same year, one of my kids got pneumonia from Coronavirus disease. It was while I was in the hospital that I started to have second thoughts. There was another mother in that shared room and she lent me her Bible so we could pray together for our children,” she recalled.

since that day Your faith has become unbreakable. The 38-year-old feels that his parish community is a network that helps each other.

“As they say, when you hit rock bottom, There is no other way but to recharge your batteries“, he added.

Generally speaking, Staying religious is a big help There is a lot of stress, uncertainty, loss, and more with the circumstances that have arisen since the pandemic.

In fact, various studies confirm this, for example by Michael Inzlicht, professor of psychology at the University of Torontohe concluded: “People who are more active in their religious communities tend to have higher levels of well-being because religious beliefs have a calming effect, making them less prone to anxiety during difficult times.”

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Since the pandemic, most participants have increased the importance of prayer, Bible reading and faith that has helped them, according to a separate study conducted by the Institute for Human Ecology and the Department of Sociology at The Catholic University of America in Washington. Recover better from mental health disruptions.

This is the great engine that drives the world discretion Dr. Samuel Merlano, Clinical Psychologist, “It’s not surprising that patients have a more positive vision of the future because of their belief in this. They like to fight and face any situation to the point of being able to get through it with a better attitude.” In turn, this Religious belief becomes healthy for the individual. “Emotions are transformed into positive emotions, such as hope, self-esteem, love and other emotions that are beneficial to physical and mental health. That is, it affects all the inner elements of human beings to better face their present and future.”

  • Meditation is a powerful resource

There is another group that is growing day by day and is turning to Yoga, meditation and spiritualitypartly due to the fact that the city of Guayaquil continues to be the venue for meetings on these topics.

Yoga itself is not a religion; Philosophy of lifewhich brings us closer to the spiritual essence that many people are looking for.

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Brenda Ferreira, teacherExplain that as they delve deeper into the practice, they learn breathing techniques, meditations, and even mantras that impact the body, mind, and spirit in some way.

“You become the architect of your life, you learn to put intention into what you want to achieve and most importantly connect with yourself, which empowers you to have spiritual growth. And you can react better to any unknown situation in your daily life,” he explains.

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Mantras are often tools to support yoga practitioners.. “Man” means mind and “tra” means protection or liberation. It can then be translated as “liberating the mind” or “protecting the mind.” When spoken, they are said to prevent constant wavering of the mind and even help to unblock the body’s 7 chakras, or energy centers. The most famous and important in the world of meditation is OM, as it is considered to be the originating vibration of the universe.

Humans are born to believe in somethingwhether you call it God, the Supreme Being, or something else, will give you hope that you will find answers and even healing,” Ferreira concluded.

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