From ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ to ‘Exorcist: Believer’: 10 Best Movies to Watch in October

10. Royal Hotel

Despite its grand name, the Royal Hotel is actually nothing more than a dingy pub located deep in the Australian outback. While on a camping trip, two American women (Julia Garner and Jessica Henwick) take summer jobs serving drinks to lecherous customers, but the men’s wary and intense attention becomes increasingly menacing until the pub becomes the setting for an explosively violent feminist thriller. Its director, Kitty Green (The Assistant), “amps up the gut-wrenching tension with carefully calibrated, unnerving discomfort that she masters,” says The Wrap’s Tomris Laffley. “It’s a wild ride from start to finish, enhanced by a healthy dose of Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes, a dash of ’90s-style indie, and a nod to the cult Australian film Wake in Fright.

Released in the US on October 6.

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