From Monday 9th, over-85s will be able to get flu and coronavirus vaccines

You can make an appointment through the Salud Responde app, by phone or at the health center.

The Junta of Andalusia informs us of its seasonal vaccination program against influenza and coronavirus. Starting Monday, October 9, people over the age of 85 will be able to receive the vaccine. From Monday 16 October, people over 70, children 6 months to 4 years old, severely disabled and highly dependent carers, and pregnant women. From October 30, it will be the turn of people over 60 to be vaccinated, and from that date firefighters, state security forces and agencies, prison officials and people who come into contact with animals (such as hunters) can be vaccinated. Starting in December, it will target cohabitants over 60 years old, patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women cohabitants and smokers in turn.

The Junta of Andalusia informs all persons who receive health care through the national mutual insurance companies Muface, MUGEJU and ISFAS that they must go to the mutual insurance company. Only people who choose to receive assistance through social security can be vaccinated at health centers.

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