From motherhood to final sports dream

At the age of 37, Discus thrower Sabina AsenjoAs one of Bercian’s most important athletes in recent decades, he faces a note down interviewAthlete from Lillo del Bierzo, now president of revived Ponferrada Athletic Clubremembers many moments in his athletic career and life, from his start in athletics to the birth of his child, and how he spent his final years between New Zealand and Spain. In addition to recently organizing an inaugural exhibition at Peso Templario in Ponferrada, she is pleased with the work she does with the youngest, as she explains, “We started with very little, But every time we have more. It’s very gratifying,” he emphasizes.

After Compostilla’s chimney blew up this Thursday, she recalled the heat explosion in Anlarez, where her parents worked: “It’s like the end of an era. The mining industry is fading and the only thing left are thermal power plants”’, says an athlete from Bersian, who believes that as long as the plants are in place, “the mines could still reappear. A source in Lilo lamented that at the moment it had closed, apparently no longer existed. “It’s a mourning process” for everyone, including their parents, he added.

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start of movement

He recounted more personal memories of when he started athletics because his physique “came to attention.” She grew up tall,” explained Lillo’s pitcher, angrily recalling a childhood where, despite being “happy,” she felt bad for attracting attention. “Besides this little thing, It was a very peaceful, very happy childhood. “ Asenjo explained that he still remembers his family’s way of life in the country. “We always face nature, and now I’m instilling that in my children too”, explains Belciana, who remembers her beginnings with Rodrigo Gavila: “I was very afraid of making a fool of myself. I played basketball,” recalls the athlete, adding that at her school in Fabero, “the atmosphere was lively, with a lot of kids my age. It lasted a year,” he laments.

At first, he admitted “it was his physique” that made him decide to throw. “In principle, I start with the weight because it’s the easiest to throw: you don’t need anything special,” explains Asenjo, who calls for working on improving: “If you train, you will achieve your goals. If you put in the effort in your training, you know you’re going to improve in strength”, points out the athlete from Bersia, who prefers athletics as an individual sport rather than a team sport: “If you perform It’s bad, and that’s your bad. If you have a good competition, that’s your good competition,” he added.

Sabina Asenjo

Spanish Champion from 2011 to 2018

His career is very successful. In 2011, he won his first national title and maintained his dominance for eight years until his final title at Getafe in 2018. Most important, he admits, was his 2015 title in Castellon. “This is my sporty moment”, admitted Asenjo, adding that it was “the culmination of many things”. I will keep this title until the end of time”, underscored the athlete from Bercía, who started a brilliant career under coach Nacho Moran upon her arrival in Ponferrada. He remembers them ” Studying together, he also became part of the family. “My parents had a great relationship with him,” recalls the athlete, who regretted being someone who “had nothing to do with sport.”

In 2012 he moved to the High Performance Center (CAR) in León, where he joined Carlos Burón.his arrival Remembers he ‘didn’t get along’ with ex-coach He tried his best to realize his dream of competing in the Olympics, which he achieved in Rio 2016. Her life changes with her marriage. She traveled to New Zealand with her husband and children. He doesn’t think he can continue to play for Bron because “he doesn’t coach for six months a year”. He decided he could no longer take athletics seriously, and historic Spanish pitcher Manolo Martinez became his coach. Not only that, but like her friend Ursula Ruiz, she is also a role model in the world of sports, who accompanies and guides her.

changes in your life

His life has changed a lot since moving to New Zealand Martin and Tristan were born in 2019 and 2021, respectively. Traveling to New Zealand, living there for half a year, then returning to Spain to compete resulted in an emotional, physical and personal breakdown. “He was so bad, I didn’t want to see him,” Asenjo recalled, assuring that “when he had a problem, he pushed him away. I lost sleep too”, recalls the athlete, who in 2019 She stopped her career in 2019 when everything “exploded”, coinciding with her first phase of training with Manolo Martínez. “I always said that when it meant a job for me, when I made it a routine, when it was hard for me to go to training, I would leave it,” he recalls.

Now she’s back in action, inspired by her kids. “Motherhood has helped me,” the Bersian athlete stressed, assuring that when you become a dad, “you don’t care about everything; you care about everything.” Your children are your priority . I made peace with athletics while I was pregnant”“, Asenjo made it clear, “I want to come back, but I don’t know how. That’s what motivates me today: they can see me, they make the throwing stance”, commented the athlete from Lillo del Vieso, who has a goal to achieve in the final stretch of her sporting career. Target: “The dream is to retire with a medal, to be on the podium. I had a great time with this already withdrawn process,” he concluded.

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