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Freddie Mercury’s whole life is contained in an auction that features 1,400 items that belonged to the rock star of the band Queen. All memorabilia kept by the singer’s historical friend from the time of her death until today and therefore unknown to the public are on display in London at Sotheby’s, but which from today can be purchased by taking part in the auction, the total value of which is estimated at about one million pounds. , costing more than a million euros.

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Plan too

In addition to the piano that the artist played, here you can see many of the bright costumes that he wore during his live performances, and even the original version of the hit “Bohemian Rhapsody”. “This is a unique opportunity, a wonderful occasion, as we are collecting here a variety of objects that represent both the private life of Freddie Mercury and his public life on stage. The vast majority of what we exhibit here has never been shown to the public before,” said Gabriel Heaton, director of Sotheby’s.

reproduced house

On this occasion, the famous English auction house turned its Bond Street headquarters into the singer’s London home in Kensington. Each room of the auction house is inspired by the room in Mercury’s eighteenth-century villa in London, which he loved and filled with works of art, as well as memories of a life spent on the stages of the world. The exhibition, open to the public, has become a magnet for numerous Mercury fans.

Unique Items

Mercury, who would have turned 77 today, was himself a collector, as evidenced by many items, including the famous crown and cape he wore when he sang “God Save the Queen.” There’s a small Tiffany silver comb that Mercury used for his famous mustache, an acoustic guitar he’s been using for 20 years that’s valued at £2,000, as well as art by Matisse, Erte and Picasso, as well as a collection of hashi, Japanese sticks. . a private collection of records, as well as his collection of comics.

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