From the great international stages to the House of #GFVIP – Big Brother VIP

A pop star is hidden in all Vipponi and this is the right evening to awaken the artistic inspiration that lives in each of them.

Having transformed themselves into some of the most famous international music iconsVIPs take to the dance floor to sing and dance to the tune of unforgettable hits.

Once again, Albert plays the role of conductor and presents the performances of the boys with panache and enthusiasm.

The first to perform is Oriana who has the privilege of playing the very famous Jennifer Lopez. The overwhelming Latin melody spreads throughout the room and the Vipponis clap their hands to the rhythm of the music. The Venezuelan, with her usual grit and exuberance, involves everyone and brings radiance and joy.

At the end of the dance, applause rewards Oriana for the effort. Her energy is unstoppable!

The popstar evening continues and the next performers to set the stage on fire at #GFVIP are Antonella, Jael And Milena who, with sensuality and great mastery, play the role of one of the undisputed queens of world pop: Beyoncé.

Coordinated, smiling and full of energy, the Vippone girls perform a noteworthy ballet, leaving their companions speechless.

Between applause and big smiles, Antonella dedicates her performance to Edoardo, sure that he is following her and that he is having fun seeing her get involved with her fellow adventurers.

The Beatles come straight from Liverpool! OnestiniAlbert and Andrewequipped with a wig and glasses, burst into the hall to interpret one of the highly appreciated successes of the historic group.

Alberto, as usual, goes wild and proves to be a good dancer. Onestini and Andrea, more self-deprecating, move disorderly and uncoordinated steps, but the end result is fun and hilarious!

Their companions applaud enraptured by the performance but, at the same time, look at them dumbfounded. Or better to say: “Allibeatles”.

“It’s time to welcome Billie Eilish” Alberto shouts loudly introducing his partner Nikita. With an outfit studied in detail and a make-up and wig designed for the occasion, the VIP performs a very precise lypsync.

Sparkling, leaping and full of energy, the model’s performance makes all her companions unleash and dance, who clap their hands and accompany her dancing and going wild in a very engaging way.

A performance much appreciated also by the presenter who, after congratulating his partner, invites her to leave the stage to introduce the next international guests of the evening. Who will it be about?

They close Tavassi And Micol with a romantic Oscar duet. Playing the roles of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, they perform a passionate and moving piece.

All the love they feel for each other shines through their eyes, bright, dreamy, maybe even a little shiny. The notes rise and the two get closer and closer, until they end up exchanging a heartfelt and sweet kiss.

“You have excited us all” comments Alberto sincerely. The Incorvassis smile, satisfied with their performance.

The show has come to an end, all the VIPs have performed. We move on to immortalizing the looks with memorable shots. After all, it’s not every day that you get to be a pop star!

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