From the rape in Palermo to Billie Eilish. Internal self-defense against a rigid empire is no longer enough

“I think porn is a curse. I watched a lot. I started when I was about eleven years old. I think it destroyed my brain, I felt empty. The first few times I had sex, I didn’t say no to things I didn’t like. I did them because I thought they would attract me.” Billie Eilishtwenty year old author What I was made for pop star with 70 million plays on Spotify a month explaining the soundtrack to the movie “Barbie” explains how with our boomer toolkit – words like “agree”, “desire”, “pleasure” – we’re getting nowhere we won’t come.

Stories like those in Palermo about a girl who was dragged like a lamb by seven peers carefully filmed final gang rape; but also mass bullying of two 12-year-olds on New Year’s Eve in a villa in the Florentine area, there is also a short film; or the violence of the next New Year in the country springvalley, a herd of sixteen-year-olds who then find themselves in a maelstrom of depression and self-mutilation. Here you are: from these stories we will not understand anything if we do not realize how cyberporn has for too long cannibalized the free and joyful perversely polymorphic imagination of girls and boys aged 10 and over to impose a sexuality consisting of physical pain, humiliation and “consensual consent”. “submission. “I thought that if you didn’t like hardcore things — hair pulling, spanking — it was because you were bored in bed. So I pretended to like them,” one girl told the Guardian. “When men on screen do violent things to women they have sex with, the effect is always the same: women arch their backs and moan louder. Porn takes something that used to be considered niche and continues to show and re-show it in a mainstream context until it becomes the norm.“.

It’s not a party even for young men battling images of punishment, strangulation and death clamps (“fucked and killed”): they’re the furthest thing from love. There are people who would empty their pockets to watch a video from Palermo: only if filmed is it true, the sex scene becomes a set, the flesh is virtual and needs proof of reality.. But there are also people who, after lockdown porn binge, never came out: addiction, obsessive-compulsive consumption, depression, indifference to the banal tenderness of real bodies, erectile dysfunction. If I can’t cut you open, or at least cyanosis you with a choke collar, I’m not going to like it. Some research shows that The brains of regular porn users have a smaller reward system, resulting in a need to turn on more and more extreme material.. Software and apps have even been created to block porn sites on their own, such as the Remojo of young English entrepreneur Jack Jenkins, as well as specialized mental health services.

“I often think that if I had an Internet filter at thirteen, I would be married now, have children and I would not have to have this conversation,” admits a patient of British psychotherapist Paula Hall, who specializes in sexual and pornography addiction. Even Jenkins, the inventor of Remojo, “We cannot hold children responsible for interacting with this content. It’s a shame that we accept the situation as it is.” Do you want to offer affective and sexual education in school? and call these poor unfortunate parents to their duties: grooming in the porn industry is too common and strong, home self-defense is not enough.

The weapon can be Age Verification Act, laws that require age verification to access porn sites. In Virginia, access will only be allowed upon presentation of your digital ID, and sites will be responsible for enforcing the new rules. In protest, Pornhub has banned users from the state, and the Free Speech Coalition is considering legal action.. Privacy and security concerns were also raised. Arkansas has followed Utah and Mississippi in restricting children’s use of social media, and a dozen other states, including California, are discussing laws to limit age.

In the United Kingdom, the law could be passed by 2024 if supported by 78% of Britons, according to a GB News poll. Biometrics – both voice and facial – can become one of the control devices.. Even in Germany, Spain, Belgium and France, where a third of minors between the ages of ten and eleven visit hardcore sites at least once a month, similar rules are being explored. Outside the Alps, the new law could take effect within a year, despite a tug-of-war with hardened giants. But, say the French, Europe will need coordinated action. Is there another way? At the moment it is not visible.

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