Frontalieri, Minister Calderone accelerates “In September, the table on Titan”

“We have made a commitment to the Regents and San Marino Secretary of State for Employment Teodoro Lonfernini to hold a discussion table to facilitate the activities of San Marino’s Italian and frontier workers. In early September, a table will be convened to implement the agreements. do and find solutions to important problems together.”

This was stated by Minister of Labor Marina Calderone at a CL meeting held at the fair in Rimini. “There are a lot of Italian workers in San Marino,” he emphasizes, “and they are mostly employed in the high-tech sector.”

A commitment already made on the last day of June last year during the official visit of the Italian minister to Titan. After a long conversation with his “colleague” from San Marino Lonfernini, in which many Italians who go to work in the Republic every day had a long conversation, the day ended with an audience at the Palazzo Pubblico with the captains regents Alessandro Scarano and Adele Tonnini in the presence of representatives of political institutions, trade unions and employers’ associations. At the end of the hearings, Foreign Minister Luca Beccari honored Calderone with Sant’Agata.

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